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  1. Montanez

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Same Montanez indeed. I only remember going out of my way to have someone banned once, it worked. Became friends with him after a while. However, i do not remember you.
  2. Montanez

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I've had my fair share of experience with this community and it's issues. First of all, it isn't fully the game's fault. Although not totally developed yet, it has potential for endless RP scenarios. But then again, more content is always appreciated. In my opinion, the problem lays within the community itself. It seems like a big part of this community enjoys drama more than the actual game play. I left the community over a year ago due to a lot of my former friends/group members, they decided to boycott and post A LOT of nasty and unnecessary stuff against the admin team. I'm pretty sure that over 200 people got banned around that time. I don't condemn their actions, but the majority of them were great PvPers and Roleplayers, i remember endless times when people thanked us for the experience we gave them. The sad part is that it all happened because they disagreed with the way the admin team handled the community. I don't remember the exact reasons, but it seems like those problems have prevailed. There are a lot of rules that prevent great role-play opportunities from happening. I've since then moved to another community that is strictly against drama, it still happens from time to time, but it's handled rather quickly. I don't want this to become a rant, so to summarize: A lot of people in the community can easily create hatred against other members, which divides the community. In my opinion, there should be an anti-drama system, it is toxic and it leads to nothing but bad things. Just a humble opinion from an old member, I wish everyone the best!
  3. People are easily offended everywhere now-a-days, it's not just this community. I totally see why the staff is getting more strict, the community was a shit show when i left. People would take jokes way too far (which I've never had a problem with) and thus causing trouble with other members. There is a reason things are the way they are today. People will always say that the community is dying, it does not mean it's true. I totally agree with strict moderation of the forums, as long as it doesn't go as far as moderating private conversations or messages. You can still have fun, just beware of who you have fun with.
  4. Montanez

    The Lore Wipe

    My humble opinion... Option 1. Why? The question should be why delay it?. If it's going to happen, then might as well have it ready as soon as possible. I'm excited to play in the early days of the infection. RP will change completely, and we will get to see characters decay/evolve as bad or good things happen to them. Props to the staff team for giving everyone a heads-up, instead of just throwing the lore wipe out there without notice.
  5. Montanez

    S1 - Killing of compliant Hostage Novaya Petrovka 2-10-2017 2300 ST

    POV: My group initiated on two bois outside the church. I walked in a couple of minutes after, and due to my character having a glitch i decided to walk out. I was trying to crouch next to a tree and i got shot.
  6. I've been one-hitted by zombies even in older versions. It's a rare occurrence, but definitely not impossible. This happens specially if you have been hit several times before, make sure you wear a helmet.
  7. I'm back(: Has anything changed? Is DayZ RP better or worse than what it was 6-8 months ago?
  8. her name is Skye she's pretty cool i guess
  9. If you would like to get specific, i gave you 9 seconds since the initiation was given and the words were very clear. If you were to run the opposite direction i wouldn't have taken the shot as you would have been complying, but instead you decided to run TOWARDS the house and that's why i opened fire. I saw you pulling out your pistol before and it seemed like you were prepared to get in a close quarter combat scenario, my job was to prevent that from happening. Nine seconds is more than enough time for you to process the demand and run away from the house. If you were to have no reaction i would have waited longer before taking the shot to make sure that you indeed got the initiation, but you decided to run towards the house after the initiation was given which forced me to take action.
  10. Me and some of the men from container 21 initiated in a few traders at Kabanino, after the situation was over we decided to take the hostages far away from the town. As we were getting out of the city i spotted 3 guys looking at us from the tree line and i alerted my group, i then got behind them and started following them until they arrived to the barn/house where the incident took place. I was communicating with my group and i was pointing at them with an SVD from about 100 feet away while we were trying to decide what to do next. Finally we came to the conclusion that the best option was to initiate and tell them to get away or they'd be killed. The first initiation happened at 10:44 (YO_MIKE's video) although this is hard to tell because they cluster their OOC comms as we said it, this is however not our fault, the first initiation was clear. He started running towards the house and as you can see i waited exactly 10 seconds before taking the first shot, i then took another shot before my friend rushed the barn and took 2 down. After a few minutes i decided to go in as well and killed the last one of them. I will answer any questions ya'll have.
  11. I've been gone for a while now, and i used to post here a lot. I wish i had pictures of every party and all the things i did but well Iphones suck... here is a little summary of the last couple of months Starved Rock National Park (Emily H, Renata M, Me, Juliet R, Kristen M, Hannah S, DJ) Highest point in my city "Hilltop" (Me, DJ) Taylor's banger (Savannah M, Nick C, Me, Doggo, CK) Allina's banger (Olivia M, Allina S, Me) Cutest doggo I've ever met (Coda, Me) FMBBA (Danny M, Anthony D, Andrew G, Me, RJ, DJ, Ben J, Nick A, John P, Nick C) Alec's goodbye party. (T Paul, random, RJ, Me, Nick C) 1 AM, before putting a car in the middle of the school for our senior prank (Brad G, Me, Danny M, Myles S) The city of Chicago (Skye S, Me, Nick C, Rachel K) And i graduated High School (Top: Rasheed, Ryan G, Me, Myles S, David G, Nate P, Diego V. Middle: DJ, Alec T. Bottom: Ryan B, RJ, Danny M, Andrew G, Drake C)
  12. I'm sure that most of my old friends are probably banned by now, i left the community a while ago because everyone was so heated and i just didn't enjoy the game anymore. BUT .60 just came out and it seems like a good time to dedicate a little more to this community. If you know me please talk to me i want friends.
  13. hello its been a while i think all my friends are gone
  14. I've been following Miscreated since the first day it came out. The game has improved A LOT since it was released, but i don't think it is the right time to make an RP server yet. Currently it would only be the same as DayZ with the only difference being the beautiful map this game has. CONS Base building is a thing, but it is extremely limited. Containers are not added yet, but will be soon. Game still crashes randomly, i feel like this would ruin the RP. Combat is still being improved. I do not believe there are logs, but i could be wrong. PROS Beautiful map, the best survival map I've seen so far. It is for sure immersive and big, but not as large as Chernarus. Crafting. Fully working vehicles. The infected performance is far better than the ones in DayZ Immersion is amazing. Once again, i believe that the game needs some improvement before it could be worthy of an RP server. It is important to notice that the company making it is not as big as the one that made DayZ, yet since the beginning they have been listening to the community, fixing the issues that we hated the most and putting effort on the things we wanted to see in game. Give this game a month or two and i believe that an RP server would be unreal.
  15. Montanez

    Mod coming back?

    If ya'll going to start up a mod server again, might as well make it on Arma III. The Desolation mod would defiantly be worth a try, it has all the mechanics from the mod, and I've heard it also contains AI missions. Please consider it.