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  1. Anton is a born and bred Chernarussian; born, raised in Myshkino. During his compulsory military service he served in the Chernarussian military (CDF). Given the lack of opportunities in South Zagoria he decided to make a career of the military. He served for nineteen years in the CDF working his way up to a respectable rank of nadpraporcík (Senior Warrant Officer). Upon retirement, he moved back home to Myshkino with his estranged wife Tamara and their young daughter, Maya. When the outbreak occurred his young wife and daughter both became infected but for some reason, unbeknownst to himself he did not. They became uncontrollable and not wanting to leave them but unable to stay he moved up into the hills North of Myshkino and set up camp which allows him to watch over them from a safe distance with his faithful hunting rifle. He can still be seen camping in the woods, protecting them from other survivors who may wish them harm.
  2. Prospero

    Survival Games Event

    Well that's awkward. I certainly had a good game, I really enjoyed it. Might have been easier if on a clean server as loot would spawn and no chance of coming across other peoples tents but a great evening nonetheless. Thank you Neurotic, Terra and anyone I've missed. gg
  3. Prospero

    Survival Games Event

    For those that cannot join I will be streaming this event, no guarantees how long you'll be able to watch though https://www.twitch.tv/prospero4k
  4. Prospero

    Server 3 has been closed

    I'm not for a minute saying that the US shouldn't have it's own service, what I'm questioning is that by hosting a US server you're opening yourself up to new markets and thus more players but the servers are already full. Let's just see how it goes, I'm sure if both servers are completely saturated in the evenings then Rolle will consider opening another. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  5. Prospero

    Servers too full.....

    Absolutely not, I concede I don't have any idea but hosting services must have access to these files. I assume it's a scale problem and you'd have to be hosting 20+ servers.
  6. Prospero

    Servers too full.....

    Have you considered Azure, AWS or force.com for hosting? All Cloud hosting will provide burst capability for peak periods and you just pay for what you use, bringing up another server automatically and then shutting it down when demand ebbs.
  7. Prospero

    Server 3 has been closed

    I'm confused about this, S2 was already full at the weekend whilst still in the UK. It took me almost an hour to get on at the weekend. You are providing a service, a great service don't get me wrong, but surely the aim is to get as many people to play as possible? I applaud the idea of opening up the service to the US but not at the detriment of an already active UK community. Let's face if not many people will spend an hour trying to get on, they will just go somewhere else.
  8. Of course, my point of view. Agnieszka Ryks had been talking to two survivors (Dmitriy Rostov and Vasili Taskov) that were fixing up a car. Misty asked for backup in case they initated but did not question them about their nationality until we arrived. I drove over to Misty and set up in an over watch position as usual about 300m away. So that we could ascertain that they were not indeed Chernarussian. As they were going to leave, they had fixed up their crashed car, Agnieszka initiated using text (as he’s playing a female character in a female skin). Dmitriy Rostov and Vasili were both looking at Agnieszka and then Dmitriy decided to run around the car and get in the driver’s seat, Vasili then got into the passenger seat. They started the car and Agnieszka initiated again shouting but they’d started driving away so I took the shot before they drove off. A nice clean shot if I do say so myself. The car now without a driver crashed into the barrier and Vasili got out and hid behind it. Vasilty then said in game “it’s against the rules not to use mic” so they did see the initiation but just in case I include the screenshot of the initiation and us talking and hearing from further away. The initiation: Confirming distance of text I'm sorry I had to shoot you, but if you hadn't have got in the car to drive off, I wouldn't have had to. Prospero.
  9. Prospero

    Character Overheating, have a look here!

    Nope this is a bug and definitely affecting the DayZRP servers. If nobody has reported this already, I'll do it.
  10. Server and location: S1 West of Myshkino Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:03 06/02/2016 Your in game name: Anton Prospero Names of allies involved: David Malikov Name of suspect/s: Hunters? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): White GAZ Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was being taken to a barrel by Misty (David Malikov) and while we are there a white GAZ turns up. We hide in the trees, three get out and walk straight up to the well hidden barrel. As they are stealing his stuff Misty initiates upon them, he makes it clear that they are not being robbed and we take fire from a fourth, we cannot see him and are covering the three. They play that they are innocent and one even gets shot by his team mate. On the off-chance they are innocent we tell them to just go, they do not. I spot the guy firing at us and return fire and get knocked unconscious, Misty is then killed. They eventually revive me and I find myself restrained with my stuff on the floor about my feet. One mentions to the other that he doesn't know why he revived me and should've let me bleed out. In character Anton (me) is quite self-rightous and is disgusted by robbers and David was just stopping them from stealing his stuff and paid the price. They load up all the gear into the car and go to leave and point a gun demanding that I apologize to them. I tell them that I'd say anything to them at this moment in time and say Sorry big guy and he executes me. I have literally only just started playing since a sabbatical and only just whitelisted again today, the rules on execution now state: The victim(s) may only be killed if they do not comply with demands after a reasonable time or if they pose a direct threat to them. Victims may also be executed if there have been several hostile incidents like firefights or torture between the parties in the past. I did comply with their requests and there is absolutely no way that they have several hostile incidents or torture as I've only been whitelisted and playing for this evening. It looks like we have had a bit of a breakdown in RP while I've been away. I haven't missed dealing with this.
  11. Prospero

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    I have everything I need
  12. Prospero

    [EMPIRE] The Broken Empire -Recruitment open-

    I thought it was time for a mid-combat pic of Anton Prospero, so that you can all recognise me.
  13. Please don't make this about the 'gear', we spent nearly an hour in TS trying to come to an amicable resolution to no avail and I know you want this to be formal with a ban - I know I speak for Karichii too please can this go formal and we can get this resolved once and for all.
  14. Having been here for pretty much three years I try not to get involved in reports but I will when I see injustice, I was over-watch to this whole nasty situation, the family had captured, robbed blind and tortured Karichii the day before, even carving thief into his arm with a knife [power gaming, which he let go]. In character, he recognised them from the day before and was hellbent on revenge. They had heavily outnumbered him, had initiated upon him again and where trying to bind him again but knowing they would kill him this time he made the call to pull the pin and take some of them with him. Personally, and this is my opinion and no one else's, that they had been robbing everyone blind and this is a revenge report as they finally got killed. Admittedly the role play could have been better but I personally stand by his actions against this tyranny.
  15. Even I don't like the odds of 8 vs 1, especially when I can't draw a weapon due to lag! Eight bandits were chasing Karichii, he lost them but they spotted me as his overwatch and start chasing me instead thinking I was him - shouting out that they wanted to 'chat'. At which point I ran too, when they fired their first shot I turned and cleanly took out the initiator (even though he didn't initiate) with a head-shot with the FNX45 and then ran avoiding a hail of bullets and eventually lost all seven. [video=youtube]