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  1. You can be MVP by hosting dank events
  2. I hope you are doing well today :)

    1. Undead


      I got lots of beans 

  3. So a three yr old is just wandering..and some bandit randomly pulls a gun to the temple. Alright than. Yessssssssss. 10/10 would read it again. Jesus fucking Christ that took a spin. Filling all the plotHOLES in.
  4. Both sides of this thread are the reason I haven't even attempted logging onto the servers. This thread is proof of all the shit wrong in this community.
  5. The evidence is already there - the project is more ambitious than No Man's Sky , and with a no-name studio backing it; there is no way that they are going to be able to sustain their promises. Look at DayZ, and this is a game backed by the studio that makes Arma. Using an engine like UE4 makes the game look nice but it's not the right kind for a mmo type like this is aiming to be. It's promising too much - and the team has shown almost nothing since the kickstarter to show for it.
  6. @Rolle What's the status with this? I think now is a better time than ever to get people into the community to join forces together hence why this could help.
  7. If you post a picture of a chicken nugget that looks phallic, you get banned.
  8. Because there are Somalian pirates on the horizon.
  9. Jesus fucking christ (By the way I'm fucking Catholic so fuck a jesus christ) Cid, It's a fucking nugget. This is supposed to be a GAMING community where people come to have FUN and play FUCKING video games. Stop being a goddamn Rollebot and think - was anyone actually being harmed? The site? A jab at some person? Idk man - I'm shocked that you think someone should getting permd for a fucking chicken nugget in the shape of a penis. As another note: I think a lot of the problems would go away if people were forced to talk to one another. The attitude of - if you think something is wrong, report it is the exact problem people are facing. Force people to talk and communicate with eachother. When Staff gives out warnings or drops a final warning; ask to speak with them in TS about the final warning and try to get to the heart of the issue. The rules should be placeholders, judged with human insight; not an eternal law itself. This mentality is what's gotten the community in the state it is. But what can I say, @Rolle doesn't see it as a problem, so why should we? He's led the community this long and if he says he knows what is just and holy, we should be inclined tto believe him. Hopefully one day we can just play video games, and stay away from the bitter-sweet demon known as drama.
  10. Oh noooo Dad . I'm sorry all your friends are dead. At least you have your toy chest of misfit toys. . *When doth the events strike....................................*
  11. *Wonders when the hawk known as the *Eventmaster* will strike.
  12. Onus uses flamebait? It's not very effective...
  13. But I'm Canadian - you racist :( 

    1. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      still makes you an american doesn't it ;)

    2. Volke


      Holy Racism - in this community is rampant. Please ban @Willsky because he doesn't respect my race :'(.

    3. Oliv


      Did some one force injustice on a Canuck?

    4. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      let's be honest here, if it weren't for the superior European race you guys would still be living in huts and running after bizons. 

    5. Volke


      *Offers Oliv a Hockey stick* Slay him.

    6. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      calm down boys, let's sit down and talk about it with some maple syrup whilst wearing beaver hats 

    7. Oliv


      *Holds a furious Canadian Goose back on a leash* Down boy, it's ok... shuusshhhh....

    8. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      I should make foie gras of that goose tbh

  14. Volke


    Are there chicken nuggets in the sandwich? Also if Andrey's unperm'd atm - why is this thread not closed yet?
  15. Volke


    Probably Rolle to get to his PC tbh to reply or close the thread. And maybe unban
  16. Volke


    Makes you think of the soldiers in the night who broke into the house, kidnapped people and find out the next day they were an information leak . I mean could someone used Andrey's info to get Ender's info or use Andrey as a safeguard or a shield. I don't know how it works.
  17. DayZRP wont die as long as Rolando pays his taxes. In all seriousness, it's going to stay in a lull/comatose state until beta and/or full release which will bring popularity to the game. As much as I love some of the ones who were banned; they could easily have been replaced if DayZ had numbers and pontetial PR. At this time though, it's in a lull state; it won't be as it was until so. Take me back to 5 full servers. But tldr - DayZRP won't die though I would propose that little could be done for it except for waiting until popularity comes to DayZ. If you argue that in terms of old mentality - DayZRP is dead and has no chance for recovery with Rolle & team taking this community with a different approach. Its not good, nor bad but different. I'd be interested in being convinced otherwise though. I do think it sucks that yall have almost little control over even the most basic server functions. Wait pets? WIll I be able to have a pet parakeet to kill zombies Yesssssssssssss...
  18. I find the lack of RP provided to be rather disappointing; I can agree with you on that, at least a letter would provide IC interaction. However I probably would have trashed your tents because I'd realistically take all of it; however the characters can only carry so much (example I want the tent(s) but to take the tent(s) you need to throw everything on the ground. The awareness isn't really required because it's in the rules itself, It's the equivalent of getting KOS'd and posting a KOS thread title "NOT COOL" expressing your disappointment on a whitelist roleplay community to have a single member perhaps KOS you. The OP was titled Not Cool and at the end of the day dude, was an expression of your discontent with having your tents raided. Pretty sure most of the people who responded to controversial responses felt this and replied as they did. As I don't think this thread is serving purpose; I suggested you to close it; but I'm not going to ask it because it's your thread. I hope you felt you got your point across and that this event was NOT COOL.
  19. I'll also refer back to a previous post. Very much this thread has done nothing but spread salt IMO. What's done is done, this thread really should be /closed because it's not a constructive discussion but a /rant
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