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    15 minutes ago, RogueSolace said:

    @SinMore detail later, at work, but no. No actual rape happens, not allowed. The point is as a female, thats the normal threat. It doesn't actually happen, its implied as a serious and very real threat. There is no rape fantasy about it at all. There is nothing glamorous about it. Its a horrible thing that happens and is turned into jokes. Part of why I used it, better explanation later

    Technically you can - take a look ;).

  2. 5 hours ago, RogueSolace said:


    Her focus snapped forward as she heard a child wailing. Looking up she saw what looked like maybe a three year old, walking in a diaper, in tears and screaming. The toddler wandered up to the two men, screaming and crying in terror. She frowned, not sure what had happened to the poor thing. The two men looked at each other and said something in low voices she couldn’t make out. The one on the right shrugged. The one on the left, in a fluid movement, pulled a pistol from his belt and put it to the child’s temple. She managed to close her eyes before it happened, but the gunshot echoed, masking her scream of terror.


    So a three yr old is just wandering..and some bandit randomly pulls a gun to the temple. Alright than.

    5 hours ago, RogueSolace said:


    Fingers quickly checked her boots, ran up along her legs, her hips. Fingers went down the front of her pants and quickly circled her waist to the other side, then went up her sides, back, neck. Anything hidden was immediately found and taken, including her gun and knives. She shrieked into the gag and jerked as a hand went between her legs, quickly moving up, then both along her breasts. Weight shifted and she found herself on her back, being straddled again.


    10/10 would read it again.

    5 hours ago, RogueSolace said:

    “We’ll you’re not wrong. To some people I’m the lowest scum imaginable. To others I’m something to be more afraid of than this plague that’s destroyed everything. My name alone can put people in their places without me having to lift a finger. That’s what reputation does. That’s where I thrive.”

    “See dear, I can still give you a choice, but I know what you’ll pick. It’s… funny….I honestly thought you were some stupid kid the first time I laid eyes on you. Then I realized you weren’t a kid; too mature, too compassionate, so easy to manipulate. But then you surprised me. You’re smarter than most adults, and very, very clever. You were manipulating the people trying to manipulate you. That…was impressive. Then I got to see you fight. You only look cute and innocent, you’re hard as steel under that exterior, and a temper to go with it. Normally I’d just find that amusing and let my boys break you…see how long it took. But… I don’t know… you know when we got those funny, stupid emotions, that make us all warm and feel things? I get that when I look at you Elizabeth… I don’t know what the fuck about is you so different than any other stubborn bitch I’ve met and broken…maybe your naivety…something cute about the way you look so confused.”

    Footfalls approached again from the other side, he glanced up then back down with an unconcerned expression. Another man covered head to toe looked down at her. His clothing was splattered in fresh blood.

    “Not sure really… I guess that happens though... I know you like me Elizabeth…or well, you did before you learned all this about me. Tsk tsk. Too late. We’ll….. for whatever reason I really like you. I’m fully intending to keep you. I’m not a good man, I’ll admit that. I’m a horrible man. But I’m not like the idiots out there. I can be reasoned with, I’ll listen when someone speaks, actually consider their words.”

    “I won’t be horrible to you, quite the opposite in fact. I can be very attentive, even nurturing at times. I won’t beat you, won’t let others beat you or torture you, won’t cheat on you, won’t rape you, though I am willing to give it some time… I do expect you to fulfil certain… wifely…duties. I won’t ignore you, maybe even pleasure you more than you think… I’ll keep you, won’t throw you away or abandon you. All I want, is that same respect back… is that unreasonable to ask for Elizabeth? Is that too complicated?”

    She shook her head no, slowly. The man behind them pulled a scarf off of his face, keeping his eyes covered with goggles and a hat. He grinned widely as he stared down at her, listening. That grin scared her to the core.

    “I didn’t think it would be…but I can be a decent guy. I’ll give you a choice. You can stay with me…and be a good little wife, and I’ll be good to you. Or, I can let you try to run off, only to be grabbed by my men, and pretty much used when they want, how they want, as much as they want, for as long as they want to keep you. There are a lot of them too, they’ll keep you very, very busy if you’re concerned about being bored.”

    She felt more tears as she heard the grinning man chuckle. How is that a choice?

    He watched her for a few seconds, studying her face.

    “Not sure she likes those options boss, doesn’t seem to sure does she.”

    He continued looking into her eyes.

    “Probably not…but a lot better than what most people would give her.”

    “Most people would be filling every hole she’s got right now, enjoying every scream and seeing who could rack up the best ones… that sounds fun… I need to go cut people and hear some screaming. Too damn quiet at the moment.”

    “I dunno… may need you in a moment.”

    “Oh I guess that is my specialty isn’t it…. I know what will help her decide. You should let her have some firsthand experience with the boys, get a feel for it. Set a timer or something; let her watch it slowly count down. She don’t have the strength to respond give her another round, she’ll get stronger… or its gonna be a long night.”

    “Hm… might be a good idea.”

    She looked back and forth in terror, looking at the man inches from her face; she shook her head no repeatedly.

    “I don’t know…maybe it will be good for you…help you realize this offer in a better light.”

    She locked her eyes to his and shook her head no, her body shaking with sobs.

    “Made your choice?”

    She nodded, then leaned up and gently pressed her forehead to his, trying to control the hysterical sobbing that was threatening to consume her. He chuckled and smiled.

    “Somehow I knew you liked me more.”

    The other man stretched and pulled out a knife. Glancing down he grinned again.

    “Alright, alright… Uh who gives a fuck cause no one’s here cept me and corpses… of course you want him, you wouldn’t be laying under him if not. You promise to do all the shit you said?”

    “I promise to take care of her, love her and not allow harm to come to her.”

    “Ugh...how disgustingly mushy… alright right whatever, blah, blah, blah..now pronounce you husband and wife, you can now fuck your bride if you haven’t already. Fuck you two, I got people to kill.”

    The man ran off in a hurry, leaving her lying there with her apparently now husband. He watched her silently for a few moments, a slight hint of warmth to his eyes. Tilting his head he she felt his hands against her face, gently pulling the gag out of her mouth.

    “See now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

      Without waiting for an answer he leaned down and she felt his lips against hers, nibbling at her top lip before closing his lips around it. She could feel his tongue tasting her lips, taking his time to work her mouth open and explore. After what felt like an eternity he pulled away and looked at her.

    “Come on…wife... I have a lot of shit to take care of before we can call it a night.”

    Jesus fucking Christ that took a spin. Filling all the plotHOLES in.

  3. 5 hours ago, Metulz said:

    I agree, but time will tell. 

    The evidence is already there - the project is more ambitious than No Man's Sky , and with a no-name studio backing it; there is no way that they are going to be able to sustain their promises.  Look at DayZ, and this is a game backed by the studio that makes Arma.  Using an engine like UE4 makes the game look nice but it's not the right kind for a mmo type like this is aiming to be.  It's promising too much - and the team has shown almost nothing since the kickstarter to show for it.  

  4. 24 minutes ago, Cid said:

    There is a difference between a chicken nugget and a chicken nugget in the shape of genitals.  Believe it or not there are places in this world where that would be deemed as NSFW.

    I'm not questioning whether or not there have been staff members that talk to people about warnings, I was just stating that it has never been the way it worked regarding to all warnings, which is the way it seems like a lot of people want it to work.  It is the community members responsibility to know and understand the rules.  Rule 1.5 covers NSFW content, and yes, there are work places that would consider something penis shaped - whether it was a chicken nugget or something else, NSFW.

    Echo has common sense, he understood the rules, and he was on final warning.  He should have known better, as should any other community member who is looking to post something penis shaped.  That's simply my opinion on it.  I don't believe this was something that warranted a simple snip and a shame on you.  He was on a final warning.  He already got his shame on you.

    Jesus fucking christ (By the way I'm fucking Catholic so fuck a jesus christ) Cid, It's a fucking nugget.  This is supposed to be a GAMING community where people come to have FUN and play FUCKING video games.  Stop being a goddamn Rollebot and think - was anyone actually being harmed? The site? A jab at some person? Idk man - I'm shocked that you think someone should getting permd for a fucking chicken nugget in the shape of a penis. 

    As another note:

    I think a lot of the problems would go away if people were forced to talk to one another. The attitude of - if you think something is wrong, report it is the exact problem people are facing.  Force people to talk and communicate with eachother.  When Staff gives out warnings or drops a final warning; ask to speak with them in TS about the final warning and try to get to the heart of the issue. The rules should be placeholders, judged with human insight; not an eternal law itself.  This mentality is what's gotten the community in the state it is.

    But what can I say, @Rolle doesn't see it as a problem, so why should we?  He's led the community this long and if he says he knows what is just and holy, we should be inclined tto believe him.  

    Hopefully one day we can just play video games, and stay away from the bitter-sweet demon known as drama.  

  5. 16 minutes ago, Willsky said:

    this is the chill out sandwich. Can everybody take a bite out of it before grabbing their pitchforks and torches and start another useless pogrom...

    for the vegetarians and vegans I provide an alternative 

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    Are there chicken nuggets in the sandwich? Also if Andrey's unperm'd atm - why is this thread not closed yet?

  6. 1 minute ago, Castiel said:

    Andrey is probably top 10 least likely people to do this. Come on. What are we waiting for

    Probably Rolle to get to his PC tbh to reply or close the thread. And maybe unban

  7. 3 minutes ago, Stagsview said:

    It's a lovely feeling when you are sitting down chatting to a friend on TS and suddenly see them get banned. This makes me feel like if something bad happens I could be next on the temporary solution ban list. 

    Makes you think of the soldiers in the night who broke into the house, kidnapped people and find out the next day they were an information leak :P .  I mean could someone used Andrey's info to get Ender's info or use Andrey as a safeguard or a shield. I don't know how it works.

  8. DayZRP wont die as long as Rolando pays his taxes.  In all seriousness, it's going to stay in a lull/comatose state until beta and/or full release which will bring popularity to the game.  As much as I love some of the ones who were banned; they could easily have been replaced if DayZ had numbers and pontetial PR.  At this time though, it's in a lull state; it won't be as it was until so.  Take me back to 5 full servers.

    But tldr - DayZRP won't die though I would propose that little could be done for it except for waiting until popularity comes to DayZ.

    If you argue that in terms of old mentality - DayZRP is dead and has no chance for recovery with Rolle & team taking this community with a different approach. Its not good, nor bad but different.  

    I'd be interested in being convinced otherwise though.  I do think it sucks that yall have almost little control over even the most basic server functions.  

    2 hours ago, Haggis said:

    The fate of DayzRP is tied to the development of the game whether we like it or not. If the devs get their arses in gear and ever actually finish the game with working vehicles, base building, pets, detailed crafting etc then this place will see an influx of new people joining.

    The game has become stale so had a knock-on effect on the site, that and too many immature members of the site who get panties in a twist if someone farts in their direction.

    Still some quality people left and i commend them for their effort getting the site to this stage, just hope they maintain patience as eventually things will pick up again imo. 

    Wait pets? WIll I be able to have a pet parakeet to kill zombies  Yesssssssssssss...

  9. Just now, Castiel said:

    No Loremasters, no Staggs, Lore wipe will not happen. Things will remain stale and be worse than ever now we've lost so many active RPers.

    Rolle, your pending announcement should come sooner than later. Those of us still here need something.

    I kind of figured but it's still a question that needs to be asked since it can dissuade/convince people to get IG.  

  10. 7 minutes ago, Rolle said:

    I'm not dodging any bullets, I have said my honest opinion about this already and I think I've already said everything that I wanted to say. We will get past this and we will be just fine in a matter of weeks if not days. Whether you agree with it or not is a completely different story. I'm not trying to convince you of my opinion, I simply stated it.

    Is there something for players to look forward to until than? DayZRP wont die but currently it seems to be in a dying/comatose state until beta/full release in which a massive influx will bring life.  Is there something for the people that are sticking until than to look forward too other than same old?  What's going on with the lore wipe & the like?   Are there any other things underway other than soon(tm)? 

  11. 7 minutes ago, Tuco Benedicto said:

    Some people might have no friend in the ban list, and don't care much.

    Or they didn't like there RP, doesn't mean they are wrong. There's space for everyone in Dayz I think.

    Does that make people "moron" ?

    Think like me, or be a moron ? That the community story-line here. 

    No one can like everyone, must just do with it. 

    Rage quitting because of an injustice, doesn't help anything or anyone.

    It was probably handle badly by both side, I still wonder if he could appel the sentence, or not ? Lots of Appel are accepted.

    Remember, he was at 29 points... you don't get there just like that. 

    There's a lot of space now: A lot more space than you could ever want now that so many folks have been permd.  It's how he got the final points that are ridiculous.  Clearly folks want to cover the giant shit stain with a fucking carpet and act like it doesn't matter - but damage control only goes so far.  It's going to start smelling like shit and over the next month it's going to hit like a ton of fucking bricks.  

  12. 1 minute ago, Kvjavs said:


    The people I've talked to are actually excited to play again after seeing who got banned.

    Also, only the banned can control their actions.  If they didn't want to be banned, they shouldn't have acted the way they did.  Simple as that.  Was getting quite annoying people spamming the BattleEye Whitelist last night with racial slurs trying to get into S1.

    That's...actually disturbing to hear that other people's removal from an online gaming community has excited your friends to playing again.  

  13. Rolle you've gone on record dropping the N word in chats.  Those same chats have had people permabanned for dropping the n word,  I just see it being ironic that you want to make this a safe place yet exchange in toxicity yourself.  It wasn't that long ago that you were in chats with these "scum" chatting on the daily.  Idk man, I guess these announcements are going to be big -  I'm curious and hopeful of the change in the community to make it well...fun again for myself.

    I may not have gotten along with every permabanned member but I really do feel sorry Rolle that you can only remember them for their departure and not for the good things they did. Shame :( 

  14. 1 hour ago, Staggs said:

    Okies, i will be giving an update what is going on here ASAP. But DW, the wipe is going on ahead..and the transparency/concept of what the LM's planned to do is going to happen. Will give a more detailed response once we the admins have the battle plan all shaped out.

    Looking forward to this.