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    The Misvan Gatu: The Bitter Carnival [wip]

    Stolen Valor I see.
  2. Volke

    Community Poll: Which Lore would you like for LiF V.3

  3. Volke

    Community Poll: Which Lore would you like for LiF V.3

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly what I am aiming for: I don't want wizards an warlocks and hobbits but I could very much hear rumors or legend or a society in which mythology rules the people. Hedge Magic & Thamaturgy could be the standard; who's to say it's real or not?
  4. Volke

    Community Poll: Which Lore would you like for LiF V.3

    I'm personally on the side of semi-realism/with a pinch of whimsical fantasy. Pure Realism doesn't do it - I like a few whimsical elements...I don't necessarily want like lizard people but like; I want magic to exist.
  5. Volke

    2016 Community Member of the Year nominations

    @Whip Reason: He brought back LIF Evidence: LIF
  6. Volke

    Should we wipe the server?

    I've been in support of a wipe for a while; even with an active GM team I think it needs to be all fresh - everything. I do think though maybe for the first 2 or 3 weeks that the skill multiplier rate is super fast so people don't need to grind nearly as much as before to get the skills (this is if skills can't be saved). Once the fresh start is in - it's a matter of keeping on the band wagon - it also gives people the opportunity to try new rp styles or different characters. As long as we properly plan it out and have a solid team going in; I feel comfortable wiping it.
  7. Volke

    Server 3 change

    Unless he used a grenade or like a car . But you probably right.
  8. Volke

    Real life picture Thread

    I'll just fucking walk up with a nail bat and hope for the best . <3 love you Oliv, looking good. We need to actually meet one of these days
  9. Volke

    Real life picture Thread

    Shit that means my dad too.... Shit it's worth it.
  10. Volke

    Real life picture Thread

    you are indeed rite
  11. Volke

    Real life picture Thread

    Now I know who to shoot when I'm in the Greater Toronto Area
  12. Volke

    Lore reset?

    NPCs would actually be cool
  13. Volke

    Lore reset?

    This infection wouldn't have happened if Clinton was President :p. Or a Trump cult with the interest of building a wall around Chernarus to keep the foreign scum and the infected out . Oh gosh...Why has the lore not been wiped yet A lore wipe is appreciated - though it needs to be managed right . The issue that people seem to have though is how do you keep the usual robbery/campfire RP DayZRP culture at bay to be able to do unique ideas? PS: I voted yes, and fully support a lore wipe .
  14. Volke

    The Misvan Gatu: The Bitter Carnival [wip]

    I enjoyed it :).
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    I haven't laughed this hard since grandma's tumble down the stairs.  

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      Ghost Of Pado


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      *Slurps in Chernarussian*

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    Rule Clarifications??

    Honestly - Perma bans should be for absolute serious things. It should be unless its mass KOS or Mass Rdm or troll rp or harassment or something, otherise I think like a 3 month or 6 month or 1 year ban would have been satisfactory. I don't see what the benefit is with pema banning people and than unbanning them - it makes the term Perma Ban not permanent. Jimmy shouldn't be perma banned for RDM x2 but whatever.
  17. Volke

    Farewell amigos.

    Honestly, Hope that Trump gets that wall up sooner than later. Nah tbh, you'll still be playing CoD with us so you ain't going no where. But I know you got busy weeks, so have a good one , you are the Rper of the Year, Nuff said. Brb gonna go eat Harry Potter from all 7 books.
  18. Volke

    Staff Purge?

    Agreed - the issue is though; how do you monitor who's going IG and actually playing? How do you determine when someone launches the game and leaves it on or enters the servers and just AFKs? Just something I always thought of when the opinion was brought up. Are there tools to actually monitor it?
  19. Volke

    Will We Bounce Back?

    Once the game gets base building and other features - RP will take off again: once there is more to do than rob/sit at a campfire. Hopefully it comes sooner than later.
  20. Volke

    Will We Bounce Back?

    The reason for this is simple. DayZ is a buggy game built with the sole purpose of PVP. Simply that's it - the limitations of the game and the community are the reason people prioritize PVP > RP (And recently I'll probably have to include myself in the above example). The game itself is a survival game with little to no elements of survival, a zombie game with no threat from zombies, and a community & game built upon a military simulator. I can imagine for most people - there really is nothing to do in game except to kill one another. What's the point of engaging war where neither side OOC admits defeat nor has any repercussions? What's the point of creating a "safe haven" which literally possesses nothing else to make it safe other than your word? There is no base building, barricading, defending or anything like that - so there is no way to actually have a safezone except for having numbers & people who are ready to firefight hence leading back to the root cause. DayZRP is a blanket statement roleplaying community (and the only reliable roleplaying community for that matter) so you have various people with different strengths, and waving interest for roleplay. People who's idea of roleplay is DROP YOUR GUN CUMRADE - DAH - I BADASS FUCK, to people who are interested in portraying a second life of themselves in this whimsical world. Hence why the titles of "Bandits", "Campfire Rpers", "Gear Rpers", are inadequate. It's people who all have varying interests in roleplay or different ideas playing within the same bubble. That's literally the long & short of every discussion I think comes up on the forums. Add this all into OOC, People being the main character and deciding what they feel is adequate, the rules, drama/gossip and staff; and your left with endless debates on forums, OOC salty reports from both sides, Pointing Fingers, and Popcorn munching drama. We can all add Gifs, +1 or -1, but the heart of the issue is the game, the numerous amounts of people with different ideals, a sole community to take all these people, a staff with their own sets of biases and opinions of a vague ruleset, and a hefty amount of salt mines & OOC hate. My usual response to most discussions like this - DayZRP will not die , but the game will probably be stale until the game gets actual content or something fresh that makes people want to get IG. The game itself is so meh that no one can really do anything but stir the pot while we wait for Bohemia to be relevant. Summer may peak, but winters are like this usually anyways. But DayZRP will bounce back but really atm - it's up to the actual Devs to make their game relevant. DayZRP has little control over this besides a lore reset and getting heavy advertising. There just needs to be more in game than to wander and rob and PVP. Tldr: DayZRP won't die unless Rolle forgets to pay taxes ;). The community will bounce once the game bounces.
  21. Volke

    Public Staff Applications

    Keemstar please - There's no reason for this other than stirring the pot - As other posts have said, just relax man . There are some things that require visibility and a public process; this isn't one of them. Imagine posting your resume publicly for the world. It doesn't matter what the community's response to some staff apps; the only ones who need to see it are Admins. However - if someone wants to post like a sample app with tips and the like (which I really don't think is necessary but anyways...) to assist people in how to fill out a document - than by all means.
  22. Volke

    DayZRP Con.

    There would be an interesting news report the following day - "4 men stabbed/shot at video game convention" When asked why - the response would be that they are bandit/campfire scum. *Shudders*
  23. Volke

    Staff Purge?

    Was about to post something similar to this - there is only so many ways a situation can be played out; I feel that the "case by case basis" seems like a go to answer rather than instead of providing a straight answer.
  24. Volke

    'Sleeping' in a settlement.

    There is no situation where ghosting in is a-okay. It's the slippery slope. The only time I'd say it is okay is the same when it is okay for combat logging (asking for permission from the opposing side.) The constant argument of Realism vs Ruleplay and I'd say for the most part; 99.9% of the time you're ghosting in; you are doing it to get dank PVP and providing fire. If this was allowed we'd see a lot more invisible men who "are sleeping" to come to PVP when you are sure the compound is clear. No thanks. I hope this helps at all
  25. Volke

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Hello it is I - Lemon Next is obviously....Cow