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    What We Can Do

    Rolle you've gone on record dropping the N word in chats. Those same chats have had people permabanned for dropping the n word, I just see it being ironic that you want to make this a safe place yet exchange in toxicity yourself. It wasn't that long ago that you were in chats with these "scum" chatting on the daily. Idk man, I guess these announcements are going to be big - I'm curious and hopeful of the change in the community to make it well...fun again for myself. I may not have gotten along with every permabanned member but I really do feel sorry Rolle that you can only remember them for their departure and not for the good things they did. Shame
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    O7 Vic

  3. Volke

    The Lore Wipe

    Looking forward to this.
  4. Volke

    Not Cool!

    I find the lack of RP provided to be rather disappointing; I can agree with you on that, at least a letter would provide IC interaction. However I probably would have trashed your tents because I'd realistically take all of it; however the characters can only carry so much (example I want the tent(s) but to take the tent(s) you need to throw everything on the ground. The awareness isn't really required because it's in the rules itself, It's the equivalent of getting KOS'd and posting a KOS thread title "NOT COOL" expressing your disappointment on a whitelist roleplay community to have a single member perhaps KOS you. The OP was titled Not Cool and at the end of the day dude, was an expression of your discontent with having your tents raided. Pretty sure most of the people who responded to controversial responses felt this and replied as they did. As I don't think this thread is serving purpose; I suggested you to close it; but I'm not going to ask it because it's your thread. I hope you felt you got your point across and that this event was NOT COOL.
  5. Volke

    Not Cool!

    I'll also refer back to a previous post. Very much this thread has done nothing but spread salt IMO. What's done is done, this thread really should be /closed because it's not a constructive discussion but a /rant
  6. Volke

    The Lore Wipe

    So whats going on with this without a LM Team?
  7. Volke

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    Make LMs be required to review groups. Only official groups should share KOS rights. It's the best way to monitor the RP quality on the server. Would also give a purpose to registering as an official group.
  8. Volke

    lack of general humor within the community.

    Well it's because this isn't a community. It's a business; and a business if aiming to succeed needs to be professional. Some of staff's decisions are crazy in my eyes but cleaning up the forum from shitposting is more than fine. If that is the path Rolle wants to take his business; so be it. And if people don't want to abide by it than they don't have to; but goodluck finding somewhere else.
  9. Volke

    Community Circles

    This going to be ready soon? The concept sounds cool .
  10. Volke

    From Voodoo to crashing out

    What a fucking cunt - brb going to terraform my tombstone. Good night sweet, sweet prince :).
  11. Volke

    Goodbye Staff

    Hopefully you get real life sorted out sooner than later. Have a good one.
  12. Volke

    LiF Status Report 02/02/17

    You'll need to speak with @Rolleabout that. We don't have access to that.
  13. Volke

    LiF Status Report 02/02/17

    Ummm... as of now the server is up and ready to use. It's already up lol
  14. Volke

    LiF Status Report 08-01-2017

    Server should be coming out today once Rolle gets home.
  15. Volke

    Traffic (IC/RP Event)

    Take thy mantle . Good luck - seems like a cool event
  16. Volke

    Issues this Community is facing

    Was a rather good discussion that only resulted in one perma ban . In all seriousness - I think the general consensus was positive with most people (myself included) saying the same suggestions with different words.
  17. Volke

    Issues this Community is facing

    Umm...that is not really a good example - a DM would have GM/Admin Tools, and many more resources available to provide a story that the players want to play. DayZSA does not at the moment. LM guidance can only go so far - the fact is people don't want guidance even though the mentor system is up shows - (Though I think forcing players to have to attend a "Mentor Session" if they get a bad RP punishment rather than banning them would help IMO). The fact that everyone recognizes the issue in the community is that there is little else to do besides notice it at the moment. Sure there are some people who are willing to make a difference but like I said, few and far in between. Are there problems? Sure - but the game is one of the problems itself; you can't look at the forest without noticing the trees.
  18. Volke

    Issues this Community is facing

    I know I think that is the most effective way that "Official Groups" could mean something. But I'd be willing to hear suggestions. Group publicity would help (Public Forum would certainly help - I think you have the right idea here honestly) - most people don't view the group forums; but regardless standards would be nice - it is difficult to have standards without having too much resources be pulled for it though Exactly this - the Event team is trying to add their unique flavor to the pot but the events are at most a weekly basis; it's the "dead time" if you will that needs to change. Zero summarized it pretty well: most people I think are waiting for game development.
  19. Volke

    Issues this Community is facing

    I'm saying for the most part - Not saying that there isn't potential to provide unique/interesting RP; But the people who aim to are few and far in between IMO. The game is a bigger issue I'd argue. The reason the community issues are "bigger" than people imagine; mostly because some people prefer to nitpick as it is more fun than the actual game itself atm.
  20. Volke

    Issues this Community is facing

    The Group Process/System needs to MEAN something: hell maybe give official groups shared KOS rights; remove Dynamic groups would be the easiest way IMO.
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    Issues this Community is facing

    The reason for this is simple. DayZ is a buggy game built with the sole purpose of PVP. Simply that's it - the limitations of the game and the community are the reason people prioritize PVP > RP (And recently I'll probably have to include myself in the above example). The game itself is a survival game with little to no elements of survival, a zombie game with no threat from zombies, and a community & game built upon a military simulator. I can imagine for most people - there really is nothing to do in game except to kill one another. What's the point of engaging war where neither side OOC admits defeat nor has any repercussions? What's the point of creating a "safe haven" which literally possesses nothing else to make it safe other than your word? There is no base building, barricading, defending or anything like that - so there is no way to actually have a safezone except for having numbers & people who are ready to firefight hence leading back to the root cause. DayZRP is a blanket statement roleplaying community (and the only reliable roleplaying community for that matter) so you have various people with different strengths, and waving interest for roleplay. People who's idea of roleplay is DROP YOUR GUN CUMRADE - DAH - I BADASS FUCK, to people who are interested in portraying a second life of themselves in this whimsical world. Hence why the titles of "Bandits", "Campfire Rpers", "Gear Rpers", are inadequate. It's people who all have varying interests in roleplay or different ideas playing within the same bubble. That's literally the long & short of every discussion I think comes up on the forums. Add this all into OOC, People being the main character and deciding what they feel is adequate, the rules, drama/gossip and staff; and your left with endless debates on forums, OOC salty reports from both sides, Pointing Fingers, and Popcorn munching drama. We can all add Gifs, +1 or -1, but the heart of the issue is the game, the numerous amounts of people with different ideals, a sole community to take all these people, a staff with their own sets of biases and opinions of a vague ruleset, and a hefty amount of salt mines & OOC hate. My copy pasta as these discussions seem to come up so often every week. Game is boring and has a lack of updates, RP is stale as there is nothing for people to do IG besides rob people. __ The only inspiration for me is the Inner Group RP and people that I know can provide quality.
  22. Volke

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    Because Rule 4. /Solved Honestly - standards aren't needed: this isn't a community it is a business, I thought that was made clear when the model shifted. When the person with the $ says they want insert individual gone; it happens. Sadly all you can do if you don't like how things are is *Find Somewhere Else* while knowing that there is no where else. Suffice to say - if Chernov made that comment on anyone else besides JimRP - I'm 99.9% certain he would still be here. *Shrugs* I just like to play games with friends
  23. Volke

    Dear Chernarus - 159.2 Hz (Open Frequency)

    He would begin to rummage through his backpack; taking out his radio as he hears a strange transmission about providing safety for the lost. He holds down the transmission button and whisper quietly into it.* "Fools....the lot of you. There's been enough death and despair across the country to last a decade; causing both the ebb and flow of life to cascade across the fabric of existence. Your gathering is nothing more than a distraction from the inevitability of death; a ripple on the pond of destiny. Your works won't change anything. If you truly do wish to make a difference: your answer would lay with the dead. I won't be attending this Gathering as I will be experiencing reality in its truest form. However for those that plan to go, they do say that a fool and their head can so easily be parted. The only thing that matters is the internal struggle. of existence." ..... *The transmission would cut out shortly after.*
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    Kos or killing a complying hostage ?

    Either that or he just doesn't care .