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  1. Harlow

    Svoboda Movement

    THIS. This is the kind of RP this server's been missing for two years now and I'm happy that you're on the right path. Wish you the best of luck.
  2. Harlow

    Svoboda Movement

    You guys just entered a very special place in my heart. Make us proud. Slava Chernarus!
  3. Harlow


    new phone who dis?


    1. Corry



    2. JimRP


      LSPD, get down!

    3. Harlow


      @JimRP don't patrol in Idlewood tomorrow

    4. JimRP



  4. Harlow


    Blast from the past. Happy holidays to everyone.


    1. Oliv


      Have a Merry Christmas, or else!

    2. Ducky


      Ah... Blyatiful

  5. Major

    • Major
    • Harlow

    Love early Prussian and German music. Wasn't your profile song composed in 1912? Might be confusing it with another.

    1. Harlow


      This one was composed around 1914/1915, during the world war. One of my personal favorites.

  6. Harlow

    • Harlow
    • Ducky


    >mfw I saw your profile

    1. Ducky



      They are lovely aren't they.

  7. Harlow

    At what point are we giving up on SA?

    The DayZRP community makes DayZ a completely different game for me, ergo we should focus on making our roleplaying experience better and I'm sure our annoyances with the game will be fixed by the dev team eventually.
  8. Harlow

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Wouldn't mind Tycoon.
  9. Harlow

    Computer giveaway

    Just like in the good old days of SA:MP, Jim.
  10. Harlow

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Cities, Towns & Landmarks

  11. Harlow


    1. Shane Is Dead
    2. ExoticRainbow


      I wish I could.

    3. Shane Is Dead
    4. Harlow



      how could you possibly stop this?

    5. Shane Is Dead
    6. ExoticRainbow


      Idk someone leaking slack chats and getting banned for being nazis????

      that might do it.


    7. Harlow


      Donbass RP time

  12. Harlow

    What got all of you into DayZRP?

    A few years ago, some people from an old SA:MP RP community were talking about DayZRP so I decided to check it out. At first I was impressed by the RP standards, but I had no friends to play with so it got boring pretty quickly. I came back eventually and joined ZBOR. Got hooked immediately.
  13. Harlow

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

  14. Harlow

    • Harlow
    • Spartan


    congrats my man, about time this happened

    1. Spartan


      <3 thank you

  15. Silvestr was born in Miroslavl, Chernarus on the 16th of June, 1992. Living in a middle class household, with intellectual parents, Silvestr's main concern was education. Up until the end of high school, he was one of the best students in his class, showing great potential in history and geography. He was especially fascinated by history, reading lots of books and articles related to it, learning about the heroic acts of his ancestors who fought for their fatherland. After graduating from high school, Silvestr applied to study at the Military Academy, where he was accepted. His life was greatly influenced by the military, growing a sense of duty and honor which would later become his personal principles. He did not see any action in the civil war, however he despised the communists and their ideals considering how much pain and misery they brought to his country. Silvestr was commissioned as a logistics officer in July 2015 and he was appointed OiC of a small Garrison north of Novigrad.