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  1. DayZ might not be finished as a game and its bugs are starting to become a meme at this point, but it's come a long way and paying 14 euros for a visually stunning map that adds a new challenge to the game isn't that bad imo. Having played on Chernarus for 6+ years at this point I believe it's time for a change, even if it's a temporary one.
  2. Good luck with this, I'm glad to see it come back. Now it's only a matter of promoting this to the newcomers.
  3. Four shots in the head with a 9mm to take infected down, seems like something's very wrong here. I like the survival aspect of Livonia but considering the amount of zombies there I reckon the damage values of pistol rounds should be buffed a bit.
  4. Born and raised in Britain by two working class parents, Matthew saw little interest into his education and enlisted in the British Army at the age of 18. After finishing phase two of his military training, Matthew was deployed to Afghanistan where he served with the 3 PARA, 16 Air Assault Brigade. After finishing his 4 year contract, he started looking for work as a security contractor and thanks to his combat experience in the Afghan theater, he was eligible for multiple companies. He took interest in a specific Private Military Company which operated in regions of crisis. The contracts involved a high factor of risk but the pay made up for it.
  5. I remember playing the map a lot in the mod days, it's great seeing it make a comeback to standalone. Unfortunately I doubt it'll be added here, especially with Livonia releasing next week most probably.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that with Kamenici being back, a lot of people including myself got hyped up and replied to the thread in support of this event. My post was meant to represent how the Kamenici are seen by ethnic Chernarussians in-game in the form of an honest joke with a short message of cheer on the side. Many group threads contain such posts who have yet to be reprimanded and I admit that I don't see the reason why that would happen. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Had the post been in another context, I would have seen the points as completely justified, but given how this is a de facto typicality in the community I don't see how this punishment is necessarily warranted. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points deducted. What could you have done better?: I believe I could have added some constructive content, removing the possibility of it being seen as a lazy meme.
  7. Kristián was born into a working class family in the year of 1991. Both of his parents were factory workers, hired for a small wage that only allowed life's minimum needs. The year 1991 saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and with that the transition of the former Soviet Republics to democracy. The '90s were defined by several political crises seen all across Eastern Europe, Chernarus being one of the most affected countries. This period of confusion and disarray led to the collapse of the once prosperous Chernarussian industry sector which sent Kristián's family on a road to constant unemployment. During his childhood, Kristián experienced the harsh reality of a corrupt society, fueled by the greed of careless politicians seeking personal gain only. He was a troubled young man and would constantly get into fights with little to no motives. His lack of interest in education and carefree lifestyle gave his parents no choice but to kick him out of the household at the age of 17. The year was 2008 and Kristián was homeless. Without any set of skills, he was forced to do odd jobs just so he could make a living. This kept going on until 2009 when the civil war broke out. Kristián saw this as an opportunity to make a little extra cash and so he gladly volunteered. Even though the conflict ended rather rapidly, Kristián was scarred both physically and mentally by the brutality of war. He continued serving in the military for the next 6, reaching the rank of Četař in the CDF. His military career alongside his civil war experience shaped a plethora of his fundamental traits but most importantly it brought a great sense of patriotism into him.
  8. Imagine caring about the loot economy though.
  9. Best of luck with this lads GSTQ.
  10. can't wait to see them aliens
  11. Conscript Zdenek POV: We assembled a fireteam to speak to a group of people we were suspecting of negligently discharging their firearms in upper Berezino, amongst other things. After conversing with the duo, Ducky orders us to detain them to resume further questioning at the FOB. Naturally, I whip out my handcuffs and walk behind Evan, instructing him clearly to turn around, drop his weapon and put his hands behind his back. His response was to quickly back away from me while reaching for the M16 on his back. He was then immediately gunned down by one of the other conscripts. No video evidence from my side.
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