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  1. Madness

    Favorite spawn location?

    Berezino neaf close + medical supplys and and others
  2. anyone know What is problem when i join server i join lobby press ok wait and when time is going up its says loading and intializing dayzmod.. what i have to do?
  3. Ur favorite weapon.. my is M16A4-AcoG,M14,DMR,Lee enfield,Fn-Fal
  4. My name is Alex Gvorskij i m was born in Russia. I don t have family, becouse its Murderet when i was young boy. After 10 years i find my family killers in Chernarus i follow them in Zelenagorsk. i was living in little city its call kamenka there is good family but something bad is happend people call its apocalypse but i call its virus and this virus is very Scare, this virus scare people away from chernarus but they not surviv evryone is dead but not all somepeople surviv this and they try find foods,weapons, and new home , and try protect each others lives but they don t know there is bandits and they will do evrything to surviv if they kill they kill but i try change this i try save people and save this world need add something more or its fine please help:)
  5. Hi lads i hope join soon a server i play long time ago at this server and now i back and wait my whitelist:)