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  1. Blitz

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I enjoyed the RP too mate, hopefully you didn't wait too long for rescue, shout out to the GM treeline RP as well. Couldn't have done it without the dream team though, @Johnny the "Timur wants to speak to you" guy , @Cormac the man who I ask about the plan and @Wong "I only want Saviour boys".
  2. Blitz

    S1 - KOS Novaya Industrial - 2:10 - 02/20/2017

    My POV (Zhenya Burkov) I had just walked into the factory building when BTR approaches and tells us to leave, we ignore his request as we had been invited in by Victor and we were currently RP'ing. Seconds later he turns and vaporises Post in front of us all, myself being completely dumbfounded by the stupidity of the kill stand there in amazement and only intervene when I eventually put my hands down. I cant say anything different to that which has already been said by my guys so Ill leave it there.
  3. Blitz

    Arma 3 Contractors

    After playing yesterday with a small squad yesterday I decided to go into Zeus every so often to check how many units were actually spawning. It became more obvious whilst I was in the interface that the cleanup script has much less of a presence here than it did when playing on Sauce's server the other day, dead bodies would stay in position way after the squad had left the area. Also it seemed units were being spawned in at a faster rate than they were being killed/deleted. I'm not sure if this is what causes the FPS difference between the two servers but I would at a guess that this is one of the major factors.
  4. Blitz

    S1: No time to respond Vybor Military

    My POV (Zhenya Burkov) Whilst at the Vybor Mil compound to re-supply we encounter the OP and his friend and after some hostile RP we initiate. The OP, Makarov still raised turns and looks towards me so in self defence I shoot twice and on the second shot I kill him. In regards to your hands being up, our 3+ guys saw you with your weapon raised and if the surviving hostage was looking I'm sure he can also verify that fact. I get that its unfortunate you died but maybe don't raise a weapon to someone when they tell you to raise your hands or die. I don't have GoPro footage. Allies (Johnny, Clapton and Covert)
  5. Blitz

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Although a bit of gore does add to the realism when playing I do have to +1 Hamakaze on this one, its uneeded atm. Lets try fixate on the essentials and stabalisation before even considering additional mods like that.
  6. Blitz

    Arma 3 Contractors

    Whoever told you you need a Joystick to fly in ArmA is wrong, even when using the advanced flight model you can easily master the use of a helicopter. Take it from me, with enough time put in using M&K you'll be just fine.
  7. Blitz

    Arma 3 Contractors

    @Sauce @Rolle Tried to jump onto the server to test out some settings and apparently the version of ACE required by the server changed to different build. I tried loading the official mod from the site and the steam workshop version but both have this signature mismatch error. When I join the server it kicks me immediately, anyone have any ideas? Edit : just realised that ACE mod has been updated not twelve hours ago, probably just a matter of waiting for the server to update.
  8. Blitz

    S1 - NWAF - KOS

    Josh, I appreciate the fact that you can see the error you made.....but that doesn't excuse not familiarising yourself with the rules. I'm tired of people breaking simple rules that are just common sense and then only once the report is up do they choose to say sorry. It really isnt hard to have hostile RP/firefights and still adhere to the rule-set created by the staff team, trust me I know. There is a magic word that basically is the key to firefights when in doubt and that is 're-initiate', it has saved me countless times from ending people who were never even involved and if you had used it against me there would have been no need for this action. Besides, you said it yourself in Sasha report, another situation that could have been easily avoided if you had chose RP over a quick kill. "What is the point in having rules in place if you cannot follow them. " P.S I do not like being spam PM'ed with apologies after you finally realise the seriousness of the situation, please don't do that.
  9. Blitz

    S1 - NWAF - KOS

    I never was good at mind reading my friend, if you read my POV you will see that not only did I not hear any gunfire I also didnt even know there was a situation till after I had died. Also as I said before Grishino and the south wall of the NWAF are two different places, pretty sure thats out of 1km as well.
  10. Blitz

    S1 - NWAF - KOS

    I know it might have seemed like you had KOS on me but what you fail to understand is, you fought the Akrasia and I am from Sobaki so yes thats two different groups. I was never in a firefight with you or your guys, I hadnt even RP'ed with anyone that day yet, I had logged on not too long ago and was running from the northern parts of the map to the Prud/Old Fields area were my group was situated. And yes sorry, it was infact Grishino were you you where in a gunfight with Akrasia not Kabanino, that was a mistype.
  11. Blitz

    S1 - NWAF - KOS

    Server and location: S1 NWAF South Wall Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx 22:30:00 10-02-2017 Your in game name: Zhenya Burkov Names of allies involved: Sobaki (Clapton, Sasha) Name of suspect/s: Federation XV members Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Moving past the south wall of the Airfield I duck in a bush for a moment to go afk and when I come back I hear people running near me. After emerging from the bush I call out to two men who were running around in the trees near me, for a moment one of them appears again and waves at me. Continuing the trend of our group I act sketchy around him demanding to know if hes trying to jump me to which he doesn't reply. Suddenly whilst I'm still trying to get an answer from him I am shot and killed. I heard no gunshots, no initiation and no warnings but I learnt afterwards from @Wong these guys had just run from a gunfight at Kabanino. The south wall of the airfield and Kabanino are two different places guys....cmon. I have been looking to speak with these guys to sort this out the past few days but they appear to use their own TS for all communication so I give up.
  12. Blitz

    S1 - Killing of compliant Hostage Novaya Petrovka 2-10-2017 2300 ST

    My POV (Zhenya Burkov) We heard that somebody from the coalition of groups that did a number on us some days ago had been found in Novaya Petrovka so we make our way post-haste and run into the building to initiate hostilities. He had already made many claims about his escapades at the firefight so It was clear we had execution rights should we wish to use them. As we initiate I receive some lag so I'm out of the RP for a brief moment but whilst this is happening the OP decides to be extra special* and start laughing in the face of armed men who have rifles to him, to the point were it drowns out any other RP. At this point we make our first couple of demands demands "If you are going to threaten us we will just kill you" hopefully aiding him in taking the situation seriously. After this demand made by Sasha he decides to make a couple of threats all the time whilst we attempt to shut him up, first he asks for our surrender after which he pipes up saying "I'm warning you" then after this going even further as to say "It would be a shame if the family came in here and slaughtered you all again". At this point in time I decide to step in as I have seen this countless times before were the hostage shows NVFL because he truly believes he can get away with threatening armed men with death, even despite being threatened with death if doing so. The kill itself had nothing to do with the fact that your friends opened fire as soon as you died, in actual fact that happened mysteriously seconds after you were shot.
  13. Blitz

    Server and location: S1 NW Airfield hangar

    My POV (Zhenya 'PMS problem British chav fake Russian kid' Burkov) I had been KOS'ed not too long ago near Kabanino so me being on my menstrual cycle that really got to me but anyway I headed to the airfield to get some walking boots for the hike north and in one of the hangars myself and Kapyln encountered the OP and two others. As the OP had so much equipment and myself being a scum bag Russian (Russian not actually Russian) I decided to attempt a strong arm technique on him to acquire his vest, backpack and face mask. Obviously due to the outcome he denies me so I waste no time in running outside to my guys who are now set up and I drop an initiation with the specifics being my usual "Do not move!, hands in the air!" but he immediately charges out so to protect ourselves we engage him. Unsure as to why Hannibal claims to have not heard as he, from my perspective was one of the first to raise his rifle and fire at me and the other initiators.
  14. Blitz

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Can confirm, Kitty made good meal from this Bovine slaughter.
  15. Blitz

    Arma 3 Contractors

    @Sauce Although I like the idea of the shop system and the idea of progression, is it possible to have a virtual arsenal somewhere in the home base?. Thing is without persistence enabled my uniform or weapons never save but my money count does so I end up not having enough to buy a rifle upon entering the server. Obviously these are bugs which will be ironed out in the long run and with every new iteration of the shop system I would be willing to test it out but in these early builds the limited choice of gear is a bit restrictive and the current choice of Saharani/Tanoa uniforms & vests makes you look like a bit of a mong imo. Edit : Maybe restrict the Virtual Ammobox to allow only uniforms whilst weapons can be brought through the shop system?