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  1. I hope I can find you lads this time.
  2. Truly there is no rest for the wicked. Great RP, as always.
  3. *Message originates from Northern South Zagoria.* "C-Cain, they are closing in.....t-t-they are everywhere, e-even in the walls....AHHHH! *Message breaks for two minutes.* "Help-p-p me, the locals got-t-t to me.....it was a t-textbook ambush from all s-s-sides...THERE WAS NO MERCY!....t-t-they *Sobbing* are all d-dead, my command is wiped out!" *Message ends.*
  4. Thats a shame. I would however like to keep the report open to check for DC's around the time of the chat logs and also to see if the accused will step forward. I reiterate that I would be willing to talk out this report in TS/Discord.
  5. The Savages were a powerhouse once. Make em proud lads.
  6. Server and location: Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-31, 05:00 (Approx) Your in game name: Grisha Petrov Names of allies involved: Zero, Muggin and some other Bystanders Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): LADA 4 seat Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): IMAGE Detailed description of the events: I was driving to Novaya Petrovka from the north to seek out some merc RP at the school when out of the blue my car was layed into by the guy in the image above. From my POV up to this point I had not received any initiation or hint of hostilities from anyone. I immediately stopped after the first shot to show I was not a threat but the attacker continued and started zeroing in on the driver side. When I was sure he was going for the kill I stepped out of the vehicle and started waving my arms around as shown in the image. After this he fired a few more times in my direction then ran behind the barn. I waited about 10 seconds then quickly put my hands down to call for help from the only people I knew in the area. I did not see the man again after I lost line of sight. Once they arrived Zero (Richter Cain) and (Muggin) Francis Williams II put timestamps (period) in direct chat.The only other logs would be hits on the car or on my avatar. I didn't really expect to have to make another report so soon after the last but really, c'mon. This guy was either A) In a firefight and didn't PID or B) Somehow assumed he had initiated on me from a good 150 metres away out of VOIP and text distance. If he/she wants to own up to this I would be happy to talk it out in TS. Edit: There is a possibility that the suspect may have combat logged due to completely ghosting the search party we formed once help arrived. If staff could check for DC's around the time of the chat log timestamps that would be helpful.
  7. *Message originates from the North-west area of South Zagoria* "A low static builds over a couple of minutes before a short period of dots and dashes in Morse"
  8. I was told by a couple of people the only way to fix Kuru is to kill yourself. If fixing a broken game mechanic brought on by Powergaming and BadRP is considered a rule break then I guess you got me red handed there. I didn't break anybodies immersion, it was done long after the situation in the middle of the forest to make sure I wouldn't be found. Its up to you what you want to do with that information.
  9. Server and location: S1 Balota Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-26, 02:10 Approx Your in game name: Grisha Petrov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Lopes Da Silva, Kennedy Anderson and one other unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: It's great to be back! I was half way through looting Bolota Airfield when I was initiated on by these guys. All prefixed OOC in text on my part was to grab names for evidence. They chose to go OOC in VOIP e.g "Press F5 using your minds eye" , "what does your ICON for blood type say" then proceeded to force feed me raw meat and inject a new blood type into my system without any permission OOC. The whole thing lasted less than a couple of minutes and once they had taken everything I was sent on my way. A couple of minutes down the road and now I have the Kuru infection so my character is giggling like a clown and god knows what else. P.S How do I stop the laughing? please make it stop Edit: I spelt Kennedy Anderson wrong
  10. He protec, he attac, but most importantly he ma.....
  11. Born to a family with a long history of military service Slavomir inherited a keen national pride and strong will. Having a relatively normal childhood upbringing and education in a rural area on the outskirts of Pilsen he had the luxury of following his own path in life and upon reaching his early adult years chose national service in the AČR. Slavomir completed the extensive training and came to be stationed at the Zatec 4th Mech Bde. During his career he was selected to participate in an international UN peacekeeping program in conflict areas across the globe. Deployments with the UN proved to be both a test of humanity and tolerance as he came face to face with despair, hope and pure evil. Often politics and bureaucracy would intervene in the smallest of tasks thus weathering Slavomirs character over the years. During the chaos of 2017, he was drafted to an operation in the Black Sea and found himself under the command of Lieutenant Palladino.
  12. This brings me back to the UN Iceland Expedition, maybe its time I return to a Captain Kolinski type character. Lieutenant Daurnov !! Where are the troops !?
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