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  1. Daniel is a 27 year old Born in Melbourne Victoria Australian after joining the Victoria Police and then later joining in the Highway Patrol Department.I'm straight arrow follow the laws and enforce them.My dream was always to be in Vicpol and the highway Patrol Department i do think about being in Critical Incident Response Team or CIRT or even if i could i would be proud to serve as a member in the Victoria Police Special Operations Group AKA SOG.But for now i am happy where i am. Anyway after a few years of policing I wanted to have a holiday after partying and hunting and still enjoying my holidays. One night i woke up and brushed my teeth cleaned myself when i noticed a few people walking and acting strange towards a others as if they were drunk and drugged out of their minds staying in a lovely town.And wanting to have some quiet time i yelled out to them as it looked like teenagers after hearing me these people screamed and ran towards me.After running for a couple of minutes which seemed like 20 minutes i managed to get myself into cover and fought them off .after realising they wouldn't back off i grabbed a metal pipe and yelled at them to back off.next thing i knew there was an explosion and i woke up 5 weeks later.Daniel is now roaming the lands surviving.
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