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  1. TheFreeman

    Will the normal mod ever come back :( ?

    From what I've read it seems that DayRP is in a type of no mans land. The mod died out yet standalone still isn't far enough to escape bugs and other annoying things. Some people want to go back and others forward. I've never played the mod but i can say that going back to Arma 2 isn't worth it. It was clunky and difficult. Standalone is also clunky but has the potential (potential being the key word here) to turn out great. Maybe make a custom mod for Arma 3? from my experience it's a lot less clunky than A2 and as the months progress greater and greater community content has been released for it. I say just keep moving forward. Nostalgia is fun but it gets boring after a bit. Kind like when my buddies and i wanna go back thru Halo 1's campaign on legendary. We play a few levels then realize we just can get that same WOW experience that we did the first few times.
  2. Looking through the groups gave me the same same feeling of "lot of super soilders and PMC operating in Chernarus...". would like to see very few "Military" groups and more survivor groups.
  3. RPing or at least communication and not just random death matching everybody is the way these games should be played. The problem is that since it's a game and people don't really lose anything from dying, or killing people, they just don't care. Luckily there are people that want to have some kind of interaction.
  4. TheFreeman

    Suggestions for ARMA 3 Epoch

    The medical Thing/plugin would be pretty sweet considering i roleplay a doctor. So having a medical system that in depth would be awesome. Personally i like A3 weapons but agree that some older ones are need i.e. the A2 -> A3 pack that carries over all the guns would be nice. Also Task force Radio wouldn't be bad. Isn't that the mod that helps make A3s voice chat easier to hear?
  5. TheFreeman

    Oh, Sadism was never so sweet! (Origin Story of Stitches)

    interesting origin story for an interesting character. Feel like you and one of my buddies would get along.