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  1. I am hoping to get some advice on a problem I am having. I followed a pathway from a railway to a fence and jumped it. The area leads nowhere and I am unable to jump the fence to get out. I am unsure if this is an intentional glitch or problem and I am trying to avoid killing my character to get out. If anyone has any info or advice to get me out of this area I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
  2. I recently added to my character description. Hopefully this makes my background more clear to all in the community. I also realized I had my height listed as 2ft tall. It is now fixed and definitely more plausible.
  3. My name is Chaz Longman. I am new to role playing servers but hope to learn a lot from this community! I look forward to interacting with you all in the near future.
  4. Born in Madison Wisconsin 1992. I always dreamed of becoming a nurse. During my childhood I planned to go to college and learn to help my fellow man. I continued into high school and learned how hard it was to become a health care worker. I entered senior year pledging to myself to begin school the next year. When I Graduated I attempted school and made it one year in college. I soon learned that the schooling was tougher than I thought. I eventually dropped out but did not lose my determination to achieve my goal. I started a position at a near by hospital to gain experience. I soon learned how sad this future career would be. As years went by I slowly lost interest in my career. I often saw patients that were dying and young children than would parish. I questioned if this was my true goal in life. None the less I continued my work at the hospital. I heard of a great demand in Europe for health care workers. I debated for a long time if this would be the opportunity for me. Years went by and those thoughts haunted my dreams. I often thought if moving overseas would satisfy my long held dream of becoming a nurse. After long debates within myself I made up my mind. I saved every penny I earned over several years and planned my trip to Russia. I had a city in mind but was not sure. I was able to acquire a short term visa. It would guarantee my stay in Russia for one year. I hoped that it was enough time to decide if this job was my life time career. I sold my small house in Wisconsin and wondered if I would regret my decisions. With all my worldly processions packed I made my long flight from America to Russia. As I arrived a realized I large culture shock. This would truly be the largest decision of my life thus far. I found a position in a well known local clinic and started to settle into my new life. I had no idea of the events that were able to unfold. Months into my new life I experienced a strange change to the town. People started to mutter about changes in the big city nearby. With little knowledge of the culture I was unsure of what was going on. People started fleeing the small town and abandoning their roles. None the less I proceeded to help all people in need at the clinic. That is when it happened. The Apocalypse as I knew it. People fled. Military forces moved in. Soon I had no choice but to flee for my life. Now I walk the deserted towns. Searching for people in need of help. With no medical degree I try my best. That is all I can do for now.
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