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  1. Born to Levi, and Helga Thorp. Flint "Big Cheese" Thorp Led an Interesting life to say the least. He was born upstate in the country/Rural Part of New York that is Rare to be seen. Hunting, Drinking, And Survival comes natural on a day-to-day basis for those who grew up here. He was raised as a Norse Pagen. Having Multiple Gods gave him comfort that he was never alone. As he grew up on an old farmland surrounded by woods, Outdoors living became second nature and a thrill for young flint. He looked to his father to teach him, after the passing of his mother, the skills he needed to live and thrive off of the land. His Father taught him all about his heritage, and how their family came from Scandinavia originally. He didn't get to grow up with a lot of people around him, so he always got excited when meeting new people, and he NEVER forgot a face. He was a natural born entertainer, picking at the guitar since he was only 5 years old, he had become quite skilled at fingerstyle playing, learning songs he heard, and writing a few Viking originals himself. As he grew older, the world started taking a turn for the worst, even in the untouched paradise he grew up in, Death made its way there. The first victim it took, was his father, suddenly feeling very utterly alone in this world, Flint decided it was time to pick up his life and move far away from this deadly Apocalypse of a world and Became a Nomadic Hunter. Moving from spot to spot, State to State, and Eventually, country to country was fairly easy for flint, He used his personality, and his music/Survival skills to barter and trade and entertain his way into rides, boats, and means of travel to get to the next place. He ended up in Skandinavia, knowing it was one of the few places His heritage and religion, hailed from he felt at drawn to it. Hoping for some quiet, peaceful survivors, and maybe small rural communities where he could live peacefully, escape the never-ending cycle of death, and finally start to.... Thrive. Flint Chose to Settle down in Nyheim, Playing Music, Hunting, and selling fresh/Cured meats and fish to local people he met to get the money/Supplies he needed for survival. All talents his late father taught him. Even though Flint had been on quite the adventure already, His Actual Adventure, had only just begun.
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