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  1. I am a local butcher of our family run butcher shop in the small coal mining town of Rhymney. I have no known surviving members of my family since the recent 21NS outbreak which left me feeling bitter with life... After contemplating ending my life before I became a victim of the virus I received a long wave radio transition from a lone survivor known as Jon Rainbow, He told me of a place called Nyheim near the northeastern coastal region of Norway. He told me that many people are fleeing to the bastion of safety and that I should join him. After many nights of contemplating this new information I came to the conclusion that my life is valuable and I am lucky to have another opportunity of life that my family didn't get. So I packed all the belongings I had left and made my way to the nearest port to me in hope to find a form of transport. Arriving at the ghost town port of Cardiff sadly all that was available was a few sheets of tarp a pile of old wooden crates and old shipping ropes so I spent the next few days knocking together a small but sturdy raft. The raft was not great to look at but boy did she cut through those waves like a cleaver through rump. As I neared the coast line of what I hoped was Nyheim a large storm erupted, high winds and waves as tall as houses crashed down on my dinky raft and smashed it to little pieces. Next thing I know I wake up on a beach with sun blearing in my face. Hungry and thirsty I make my way inland in hope I have reached my destination. Is this a new start to a long happy life or just a huge waste of time? Only time will tell
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