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  1. Rakesh was a normal everyday taxi driver at night and street vendor in the days before the the outbreak, but as it spread and he lost everyone close to him he decided to go find a group of people he can live,fight and survive with.He is a good shot being a part time hunter in his past and knows how to stay quiet when need, he is somewhat introverted but knows how to speak up for himself.He is desprite to survive and is willing to do anything it takes to stay alive.He is will be loyal to whoever decides to take him in and help him,he does not need their help but gets lonely when alone even thought he doesn't like new people he will still give everyone a fair chance if he feels that they deserve it.He has some medical experience from volunteering when the outbreak first started.He also calls everyone mister even if he doesn't know them or if they are much younger than him.He enjoys listening to people's stories and is good at cooking, not making the food but making it taste nice since he sold spices he is well aware of which spices go well together to make the food taste nice.He is also good at negotianting prices and handeling money since that is what he did while being a street vendor where he sold spices and cured meats.He had a pregnant wife but she passed away from a car accident whn the outbreak first started as people tried to flee the cities.He wanted to get out of South africa as fast as possible and caught a ride with a old friend on his plane but had to leave everything behind to save space.
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