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  1. Alparslan was born in 1971, Turkey. He was curious about nature. He carried out Basic Survival Trainings, Camping and Scouting Activities in 1989-1990. He received Basic Mountaineering Trainings in 2001-2003, and carried out many mountain climbing in Turkey and abroad. Also He provided search and rescue and survival training in difficult terrain conditions. He took part in rescue operations many times. All his life, he lived alone and single because he was intertwined with nature. He lost his mother when he was 33, and his father when he was 34. In 2012, he established a camp called "Camp Wolftrack" in Turkey. It serves in the name of directing people to nature, motivation and personal development. He gave many trainings in the camp he established until the virus spread. After the pandemic. Most of Turkish populatıon dead, Serdar continued to survive by wandering around rural areas with his ability to survive in harsh natural conditions. For many years he lived on wild. Slowly he feels the loneliness and starts to seek new community to live together. He starts to travel East Europe.
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