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  1. Gwch

    Jose the builders merchant.

    Not very talkative and never has what I need... I can understand why you hate him haha
  2. Gwch

    Calmness of the Water

    The sounds of the soft waves often send me to sleep. So peaceful
  3. Good work, I love the basis of your group... definitely a group I could build a relationship with as our morals align in some ways. Good luck guys and I hope I run into ya at some point
  4. Gwch

    red or blue car.jpg

    I think red has more style about it
  5. Thank you Paul, Yes I am currently carrying paper and a pen to write in game. I will have a bash at writing it in the forum and using my paper as you suggested... that's a really good idea. Thankyou
  6. Hi again, The second question about forum posts as diaries has been answered... I just didn't look hard enough haha.. I've found the Diary/Journal forum section
  7. Hi Derek Steel, I have a question or 2 regarding diary entries... 1st question is I know we are able to write notes but I was wondering if the journals are also in game where I can store my entries? If not would a diary entry in the form of a forum post be ok instead? thanks for your time
  8. Gwch

    PLIKT Patrol


    I only arrived yesterday so could use the information I will try and make it there at some point. Hopefully see you soon.
  9. Jon was always a rebellious person by nature and loved nothing more than to read up on all sorts of conspiracy theories and scandals. During the years between 2010 and 2018 Jon's life was turned upside down with a divorce, custody battles for his child, mental health problems and eventually financial problems leading to him becoming homeless. Jon was living in a tent when the pandemic 1st hit and the lockdowns began... but obviously Jon was a strong anti-vaccine and there was no way he was going to be locked down. For 2 years he roamed the countryside hunting small animals and became quite efficient at killing and processing rabbit in particular. During a storm one day Jon was forced to take shelter in a barn where he found himself in waiting out the storm with a group of people headed for the north-eastern coast so they might find a boat crossing to the Norwegian coastline. Jon had been out of society so long he had not heard of the corruption and stealing of rights occurring all across the UK. At this point Jon decided to join the group of asylum seekers as one of them claimed he had a contact in Norway that would take us to a safe area where we can set up a new life. Three and a half weeks later the group made it to a port in John O'Groates and boarded a small fishing boat that took us to Stormness on the Orkney Island. They travelled for a few more days eventually crossing to the Hollandstoun island where they hoped they might find a plane or helicopter at the airport there... there was none, however there was a large fishing vessle that had plenty of supplies to last 10 people at least a month. Not knowing exactly what they were doing they started up the boat and a series of guesses got them moving at least. All seemed well for the first 4 hours until the skies darkened, the wind grew and the waves swole. The storm grew quickly and soon they feared for their lives and huddle together below eck as they got tassoed all around and dreanched in the overflow of the waves.... This was Jons last memory before waking up on a cold stoney coastline with no sign of the rest of the group.
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