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  1. When i was just a boy i was sent to a military's boarding school so all my life i have been apart of the army life since a young boy and i thought it was my fate to become a UK Armed Forces and i became a soldier and one day i got a message that my wife had died and i lost the plot, i was medically discharged because of my mental health which for a strong period of time i held a grudge to think i worked my ass off for the armed forces to be discharged i always thought they would look out for me in my time of need i did some bad things that i shouldn't of and had to leave the UK which is why i flew over to Nyheim to start a new life and have a fresh start, my time and past in the UK wasn't the best for a soldier like me the way you get treated once left the army is appauling and i wouldn't expect that on noone, let's get into the situation with my wife one of my times on leave for the holidays i found a partner and i thought i could be with her for the rest of my life, but one day i recieved a email telling me she had wrapped her car around a tree and she had died it did not help my mental health what so ever
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