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  1. You can only trust yourself. Growing up in St. Louis MO was not as easy as you might have pictured it. Blaise parents were drug addicted drop outs who seldomly remembered having a daughter. Most of her nights were spent scraping new images of a "brighter and better future" along the walls of the decaying attic she called home. She always had high ambitions for life, trying to see the good in all people and fixing it to the best of her abilities. She would often take time out of her day to read and write daily, soaking up as much as she could. In her teens she left behind the four walls of the attic that seemed so sufficating for a much more exciting adventure, college. The day she left for college would be the last imagae she would have of her parents. Blaise spent most days alone with her "head in the clouds". You could find her in the library on any given day. Always trying to get a better hand at life, she would go on to earn a degree in journalism. Solidary was a life style for her. Not having many friends, the characters in the stories she wrote became her best companions. Seeking more knowledge became an obsession to her. As the infection broke out, Blaise saw a new opportunity. With boarders closing and people shutting their doors whispers filled the air about a city with extremely low infection rates. After combing through propaganda from multiple different websites she found its' name Nyheim. Without a second thought, Blaise was looking up flights into Norway where she would land and hike the rest of the way into the city. Little did she know the events that were to unfold days before she entered the city.
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