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  1. IGN: (rob finkle) Country: usa English skills: fluent DayZ Mod Experience: few months DayZ Standalone Experience: few days Roleplaying Experience: few years What kind of In Game role best describes you: scavenger builder lookout Have you been in any clan/group previously: no Best way to contact you: pm
  2. comes from a small town he is a rancher and firefighter he had a wife and lost her at the outbreak with his son he has no other surviving family. he is just trying to find a new place to set up and survive. hoping one day that there will be a cure and everything will get back to normal. he is just trying to survive after he lost everything and his house. he has decided he would move away from his old life and try to start a new one and start from scratch hoping to one day start a new family and put all this behind him
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