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  1. From growing up in England working in his fathers shop Damon always knew he wanted to lead a different life. The stale norm of going to the shop day in day out was not what he viewed as a life well spent. That is Probably what forced him to join the military at a young age, even if it was against his fathers wishes ever since he left they hadn't spoken. After a few short years of service Damon left and decided to find solace on the road he purchased a motorcycle and set off in search of adventure, new horizons. This took him all over the globe he and his bike vanished off the radar as he explored everything and anything he went wherever the wind took him. It wasn't until 2019 when Damon decided to head home to maybe start some sort of life he realised that might not be as easy as it used to be. When the lockdowns were first put in place he did stay in one spot for a while that was until he realised there was no sign of them being lifted. He slowly moved country to country camping in woodlands abandoned buildings or anywhere he could find. After two long years on the road two hard years where he had seen and done unspeakable things he had heard of a city the name passed around campfire from outposts he had visited Nyheim. Stories of this place were being told saying it was safe, well Damon had heard all the before... But what choice did he have where else was there now. After longing for adventure he had forgotten what having a home was like this was his last shot too Nyheim he went.
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