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  1. *Peter speaks* I wish to destroy PLIKT, you wish to destroy PLIKT. Do you dare to split opposition to PLIKT? I know it is not in anarchist DNA to play Machiavellian politics, so I will remind you that even Soviet Union and US capitalist dog pigs put aside differences to destroy fascists. Dare I mention that Anarchist ideology is strictly opposed to Communist ideology? I know for certain that you despise my ideology, however, I will not use last breath to argue with ideological opponent while fascist and capitalist boot is on my neck. *transmission ends*
  2. *Peter Popof takes sip of vodka as he weighs his options of how to respond* "You say it is war on bourgeoise American infested state. I like this. While I despise anarchist ideology, I see value in allying with anarchists against lapdogs of imperalist pigdogs. The PLIKT claim to have interest of people in mind, however, we know that they are mere puppets of fallen state that can't even effectively maintain borders to city, let alone govern surrounding area. Even if they had interest of people in mind, they lack ability to provide necessities of life for the people. They do not act as state, they act as corporation fleecing desperate people at outskirts of city. I say they don't even have intention of providing stability to region, as if they did do so, they would be unable to keep this capitalistic maggot infested rot of a racket going. Count me in, Komrades." *Transmission cuts out for a moment before coming back to the sound of Peter racking his AK* "This is Peter Popof, and I am about to Pop off" *Transmission ends*
  3. 80 years to day after glorious October Revolution, Peter Popof was born to Ivan Popof and Svetla Popof. They lived in glorious city of Leningrad, and he was given education in revolutionary radical thought. When he found out truth of how American pigdogs destroyed glorious USSR, he decided to bring his revolution to the closest country that was lapdog of America; Norway. After seeing good living conditions in what he thought was terrible evil country, he was almost ready to give up on his glorious revolution. That was until evil bourgeoise dead men began walking, and he knew in his heart that American imperialists were behind this.
  4. Michael grew up in a middle class town in Maryland. As a child, he lived a relatively carefree life. That was until he was in a car crash with his parents at the age of 15. While everybody survived this crash, his parents would both soon find themselves in the downward spiral of opioid addiction that quickly led them to heroin. In spite of this hardship, he persisted in trying to help himself and his family while doing his best to stay happy. After graduating high school, he worked as a carpenter while managing to squeeze in classes at a mid-tier online university. He felt his life was on the right path, and things were looking up. That was until a month before the outbreak, when he received a call from the police in his hometown informing him that both of his parents were found dead of a heroin overdose. In the heat of the moment, he felt that he needed a break from life, so he decided to use his savings on a backpacking trip around Europe. What was supposed to be a small incursion into Norway turned in to a lifetime of brutal survival.
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