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  1. This is my first RP server, I've been playing here for about a week. and the times that the compound has been raided is rediculus. They only "raid" when we are offline. there was only two incident when they raided us when we were online, first we went to the southern airfield and didnt come back for about 3 hours. second one of our players went back to base and caught them in the act of raiding the compound and was shot. The last time we got raided we were only offline for one, maybe 2 hours and they wiped the main house completely. This is not a good RP experience personally. I've encountered a decent amount of good RP dont get me wrong, but the way these guys keep hitting us I would say is harrassment, and griefing when you just keep doing it to the same people over and over.
  2. Hunter, Survivalist, Gun Nut. In the end days i realized i wasn't going to survive alone. I started to look for other survivors. i found a small group of people, and we survived for some time. We had guns, food, and plenty of ammunition. We starting traveling through the mountains, killing zombies, and finding fellow survivors. One day we came across a compound where they were not only holding zombies, but also using them as offensive weapons. this is where everything went wrong. As we walked up to the compound, they released the hordes. Me and my people got separated. i used all the ammo i had to fight off the hordes that were in pursuit. I fear none of my people made it. If they had, did they seek refuge with the ones who unleashed hell upon us ,or did they move on? it's just me now, no weapons, no food, no shelter. Will i find another group to survive with, or will i be alone only looking out for myelf?
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