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  1. My character is a ex-soldier that was guarding Balota when the apocalypse began. Jack was a Corporal member of the Swedish Defence Forces, but he got transferred to Chernarus to help out there during the start of the apocalypse. Now he is waiting for an answer to move to Nyheim to start a new life there. He was a talented shooter that mostly had a role as the Designated marksman. He began his life in 2001 in Sweden where he lived with his mom, dad and he also has two brothers which he doesn't know at all. He was a little boy with a lot of energy and a bit of anger issues. He once beat a guy nearly to death after he had insulted his mother numerous times, when this happened he was only 12 years old. Back to his military background, he has killed over 200 people in attempts to attack the airfield at Balota. That's the story i could make about him right now and I will play by it. I have never played roleplay on Dayz before, only on FiveM where I have a lot of knowledge. So I just made this story up, sorry if it's a bit short.
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