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  1. I was born in 1980 to a modest Portuguese family living mostly as nomads. Our settlements were never long and we were always on the move. It was our way of living. We didn’t have much growing up but still, it was a rich childhood. Living on the country side gave us tons of benefits since there was no police in these rural villages and the local communities always helped and respected us. Eventually the times caught up with Portugal, and even in the most remote of places you would hear of the amazing cities full of gardens, great cars and malls, all of this sounded amazing to me and my sister. Nomad communities have very intricate family rules yet, at 19 I decided to leave my parents life and moved on with my own. I traveled to Lisbon and got a job in a very sophisticated restaurant. I considered myself very lucky as my day to day was simple and pleasurable. Yet one day I felt like it wasn’t enough, so I started going to college at age 23 in hopes of pursuing a life that I would feel more accomplished with. I started studying physiology specialized in the effects of isolation and importance of communities in the day-to-day life of a regular citizen. At 35 after working for a couple years as a physiologist I decided that the life wasn’t for me. I wanted to help everyone and not just those who could pay. The Portuguese government didn’t let me set up a free office so I decided to go with an old family tradition. I packed my bags and left on the road, helping whoever needed my help free of charge! I had experience hunting from my young years so it was fairly easy to get by. Most of the time I ended up with homeless people as patients as other people in huge distress that would ask for my services. I was heavily mistreated in the beginning of my journey, having an abnormal lifestyle when compared to most folk, but I grew accordingly. I posted my results and travels on a blog and other various sites so people knew who and where I was. I always wore a suit when working, and always tried my best to make a good impression! Eventually both my work and lifestyle became a hit online, and a lot of more people started recognizing me. That’s when the virus hit. At the time I was in Sweden, Kiruna, enjoying their country side and thought that problems like viruses would never get there, but rapidly realized it wasn’t a very secure place to be as one of my patients attacked in me in the middle of a session, well.... in a coffee... but it was still a professional session. I fought him off and ran for my life. There was a big commotion that afternoon and I decided to slip away from all the mess and started heading to Stockholm to see if the capital was standing firm. It wasn’t... At this point in time, I stopped giving consults. It wasn’t safe. It isn’t safe. I kept to myself for many months until I heard word of a community in Norway that had somehow kept it self safe in these hard times. No matter how used I was to the travelling life I missed people immeasurably. The loneliness of my travels was getting to me, so I decided to head for this safe haven and maybe help some people in need.
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