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  1. He is the son of Hugh Welsh he is dead Hugh welsh Founds his sons dead body but not his wifes which means she is still out there. At 20 years old John gave himself to walkers in order to save his mom. he fled home after a call from hugh telling his family to leave russia. he went with his mother and went to Norway. They made it to nEyhium but when there they got attacked and when that happen John gave himself up so his mom can live now she is somewhere north but Hugh while on travels finds his son dead zombie body and puts him down and burys him. but on his body was a note from his wife saying she loves them both and she is sorry.
  2. Under went Basic training in 2020. Not even 4 years into Military service Liam was called to help stop the zombie outbreak while out there fighting he brought his family to the base to keep them safe. In the downfall of the base All of liams family died infront of him eaten alive by zombies. All Expect Gabby she ran and got out of the base on her own without liam he must now go out to find her as the military has fallen and his oath means nothing if he is dead. So Liam sets out to find gabby. Gabby left the base with a LMTV driving towards the north. Liam overun by Zombies set out on foot to get her.
  3. Captain Hugh Welsh is a Captain of the Russian Police Forces. He served during the Desert storm and the war on terror in the United States Army. After years of service to the United states he found love in his Wife Laura Welsh-Ronda. He moved to Russia to be with his wife and family. They had a kid back in 2008. After the outbreak broke out he was separated. Due to his service to the police forces of Russia he was required to go and try and stop it from breaking out. He faced many obstacles in his life and this is the biggest. He must leave all his comrades behind to due operation Family. He is now on a mission to find his wife and find his son.
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