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  1. Though born in Miami, he only lived there throughout his early childhood. At the age of 7, his family moved north up to Ohio. They lived a standard lower-middle-class life- his dad would take him to the firing range from time to time (Which is how he knows how to use the guns found in RP) as well as bring him along for the occasional hunting trip. His mother was on the softer side, helping to raise him to have good manners and morals- telling him to always try to do what's right. He had two brothers- Verne and Carl. They had a pretty positive relationship. Stuck together a lot- though he hasn't any of them since this whole infection got all out of hand. As an adult, Vic worked an office job. He'd take plenty of calls and deal with complaints- that kinda thing. He was a generally hard worker. Though he never married, he dipped into the dating world from time to time- and he would maintain decent relationships. He didn't pay too much attention to the news and media, so despite being aware of the whole outbreak situation- he wasn't too worried about it until it was too late. Around July of 2018, the company he worked for started talking about expanding to some smaller countries. They decided to send workers out to various countries on business trips to meet the people there and introduce the company; almost like an advertising team. But paid less. Of course, due to various delays, poor management, set up costs, planning time, etc- This plan didn't come to fruition until around July of 2021. The original plan was to only stay for 3 months, but their flight home was "Indefinitely suspended" due to the outbreak. He spent the first few months travelling with his coworkers, Henry, Elise, Tommy, and Greg- surviving. They've all died or been seperated by now, though, and now he's all alone and on his own.
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