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  1. Hey, my name is Kilar "pronounced Kyler". I was grew up in a small town in Ohio, after awhile of trying to survive in my home town resources started getting low and zombie numbers climbing I knew it was time to move away from the only things I knew. The open world was scary and I did not know what to expect but after traveling around America; for a long freaking time. I found a boat started collecting fuel, ration, and any other necessity items I may have wanted or needed for the trip; which took me a couple of years just to find enough to make it across the great Atlantic. After a hard battle with the ocean and almost losing the ship. I had made my way to the shore of Croatia and slowly made my way through and eventually ended up in the beautiful Nyheim. Getting and trying to start to settle down and finally have a life things get for the worst because; I do not trust anyone and will do anything for my best interest I have been done wrong by way to many and I will do what ever to make sure I survive this drastic world that we have created.
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