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  1. My name is Jenna Miller. Before the world decided to fall to shit I was a college student studying Psychology. I found a passion in learning about the brain. I want to pick apart how someone thought and functioned, what led them here and maybe where their thought process could take them, along with guiding others to help better themselves. Fortunately, this virus has made a lot of people fucked up in the head, giving me the chance to help them over come those struggles. Sitting in my college dorm, I remember the reports coming across the tv. People were getting infected. It affected their minds and they couldn’t control themself before attacking others. There was no cure for this. I need to get home to my parents. They were all alone in their house in the woods, safer than a city but someone needed to be there for them. Luckily I was able to get one of the last planes in before all air travel was gone. My rental car broke down half way home. I was lost, A land i’ve never been to, no car, no friends. Only a will to get back to my parents pushed me on during the freezing rain. Even on days where I couldn't find food to eat and wanting to give up, my feet kept moving forward towards them. I was so close yet felt so far from Vika. My parents got this home after retiring, something about wanting a new scenery and life. I had only seen photos but it seemed perfect for their simple lifestyle. But, It was my job to care for them and protect them from how the world was turning out. After many struggles to get home, I arrived. Seeing the front door falling off the hinges my heart dropped to my stomach. Shaking, I step into the house, hearing glass crunch under my boots. The scene in front of me made me throw up my canned peas on the hardwood floor. They were dead, ripped apart and left in piles of mush around the floor, if not for the clothes, I would not have even known it was them. They trusted me to come get them, and now they're gone, because of me... I drowned myself in the disgusting bottles of rum that my father always said he was "saving for a special occasion", and I guess that one was special enough. Until one night when I was so god damn wasted I nearly drowned in my own throw up and then I realized, if I was gonna go out, it sure as hell wasn't gonna be because of some god damn bottle. Come daylight I buried my parents in the closest thing I could make to a grave, and left to look for whatever the world had in store for me, I had no plan, just the strength I needed to keep going.
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