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  1. homemade italian paninis. lettuce, mozarella, pepperoni, salami, hot peppers, on a nice italian bun. so good.
  2. Torsten, the misbegotten, bastard child of a failed marriage, was born into squalor in the winter of '91. The man's childhood was met with immediate resentment; a cheating mother, an addictive father - the typical modern-day concoction for an imploding nuclear family. His mother won custody in its entirety, whilst his breadwinner father hastily moved on to a new spouse and kids within only a few years. Social security in Poland was just enough to get by - a dilapidated apartment, cheap food that had to be rationed, and never a warm shower. However, when his mother eventually picked up the briefcase, Torsten typically found himself alone and isolated. The symptoms of a lack of fatherhood bore their fruit from a young age in the male - undisciplined, isolationism, prone to violence and quite the short temper, the like. The pattern continued through schooling, up until he was of age and took his own path, moving out of his mother's household. Torsten's adulthood began with begging and scrounging about his home city, his life treading on the thin ice of homelessness. Eventually, however, he qualified for a job application as a runner for a small group of investigative journalists. There, his views of anti-industrialism and anti-authoritarianism flourished, becoming manifest in the form of online blogs and pamphlets. Torsten, the short, yet stocky bull of a mesomorph was regarded as 'the muscle' of the journalist conglomerate, his username becoming what he was colloquially known as; Mammoth. However, the oafish looking man has a knack for penmanship, and was well accepted as a 'decent' amateur journalist. When the apocalypse came by the government's hands, it sewed the seeds of the journalists' prophecies. "Our trust in Big Brother has proven our downfall! You're witnessing it before your very eyes!" joined the cacophony of chants and protests that lined the streets in Poland, his brutish and guttural voice among them. Eventually, when Poland descended into hellfire, Torsten became one of the many opportunistic individuals roaming the streets. Gdansk, reduced to smoldering embers with napalm, was evacuated by refugee boats, Torsten among the many to escape. Forthwith, they set out to the last rumors of relative safety from the bombings - Nyheim.
  3. thank you, thank you. any metalheads here? there's got'ta be at least a few
  4. Hey! Figured I should at least make one of these. Hope everyone's doing well and enjoyed their Holidays. I come from a mixed background of RP Communities since 2012 - everything from DnD to MMO's, Discord RP's and more. Currently, I'm active in the Fallen Earth reboot, here, and an Elite: Dangerous RP wing. Clocked a lot of hours over the weekend and so far have been loving it. Looking to get more involved where I can.
  5. Elia was born to an upper middle class family in February of 1998, to a father whom was a Deacon at the local Catholic Church, and a mother who served on the General Counsel board for the local corporate office of Lockheed Martin - often traveling for in-person conferences and out of state meetings. Elia grew up comfortably and well-fed, save for the overwhelming discipline inflicted by his father. As his mother was rarely at home due to her stringent work schedule and constant slew of traveling, the father had unprecedented reign over Elia's upbringing. The only facets of his foundation that truly stuck into adulthood was his Faith; notions of discipline and rigorous obedience to Earthly rules and laws were nigh forgotten. The only true power Elia answered to was his Heavenly father, the one he was born too was sorely resented. As Elia approached college age, his father encouraged him to be a man of the cloth and join him in Deaconhood. Thereby, his out-of-touch mother pushed him to following her footsteps with Law School. Elia, growing up with a fascination of cars and working with his hands, instead opted for Mechanical Engineering. Attempting to get away from his father and Pittsburgh, Elia was able to win a full-ride scholarship abroad and moved to Germany to pursue his Master's. By 2020, Elia was offered a career position in a German robotic company in their R&D facility in Norway. Despite having to leave his significant other back in Frankfurt, Elia took the position and was relocated to the frigid north. However, come 2021, Elia was blocked off from his lover, his friends, and the little communication he retained with his family. Stranded in Norway, a country steadily locking down under siege of the pandemic, Elia quickly resorted to his anti-authoritarian tendencies. Being among the rare few who protested in the streets, he rallied with other foreign nationals in the country. His rebellious disposition came to a focal point with the uncovered 'forced' vaccination, and the forthwith mutation of 21NS. He, among a few other "conscientious" citizens took to liberating the infected of their now-unwanted resources, from the clothes in their drawers to the food in their pantry. When the announcement of the carpet-bombing of cities came about, Elia fled the City of Asker - just outside Oslo - and made his way for Nyheim.
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