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  1. Mark was born in Canada in 1990. His father was unknown, and his mother Lily was quite absent, stuck between addictions. Lily did anything she could to get some money, including giving her body to science for new medication testings, where she met multiple "lovers" over the years. Mostly raised by his grandmother, Mark never *really* knew his mom. When she disappeared a couple years before the outbreak, the only note she left was "I'm sorry he did this to you". Mark always felt like his mother hid something from him about his father, so the note strangely felt like it was about him. He started investigating to see if he could find anything at all. As a young security guard in a local mall, Mark had this tendency to act as if he was a cop, and one day he managed to befriend a police officer and gather some information about his past. The only thing he saw about his own parents when he managed to peak through the police files was "TP Labs Norway - Classified". Obsessed by this seemingly secret thing, Mark headed to Norway to seek answers. Just when the virus hit, he started experiencing hallucinations at night, hearing some voices trying to tell him something. However, that isn't part of the virus' official symptoms....
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