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  1. Okay and how would I be able to join the server and avoid the error?
  2. Any able to help, I keep getting the equipment system large mod error, everytime I try to join into the server, i can't seem to find the mod In the loaded mods or available mods, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Katy Jones is a daughter to a single father after her mother abandoned her and put her and her two brothers into care when she was ten, at the age of eleven her father managed to track down which care home, his daughter and two sons were, growing up Katy and her two brothers saw all the trouble her father went through while trying to maintain two jobs to try and keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, Katy was the youngest of the three and also got along more with boys, she always got left alone at home scared as she waited for her brothers to get back from school, their mother left, Katy's brothers enough money for them to go to school, but there was never enough money for Katy to go to school. When Katy hit fifteen, she started to leave the house and go out on the streets, Katy came across an abandoned library, she found a way into the library and found a few books to do with Medicine and coffee, Katy took them books back home and hid them under her bed, she started to read about the Medicine and decided she wanted to become a paramedic, but she didn’t know how she was going to do that, she then started reading the book about coffee. Katy then came up with a plan. Katy went to the coffee shop which the owner knew who Katy was and Katy begged the owner if she could work there after being hesitance the owner agreed. At the age of twenty Katy had saved enough money to be able to go to med school, as well as help her father keep a roof over their heads, Katy then eventually left home and started training to be a paramedic over in Canada. Katy passed her medical training at the age of twenty-three and became a paramedic, Katy ended up bridging her brothers and father over to Canada.Katy was happy from how far she had come, till one day Katy went to a call, where she met the Chief of police Noctis Levesque who delivered the news that the deceased was her love ones. After reaching the highest rank in ems and not learning anything new, Katy decided to go speak to Noctis to see if it was possible to transfer to the police department. After transferring and shortly after becoming a cadet and training the virus broke out, her training taught her basic survival skills which include but are not limited to de-escalation, firearms training, team work and social skills. After the virus broke out the government left and the police department fell apart which left Katy alone. As Katy walked down the street she bumped into a random guy who asked her if she had heard about this new civilization called Nyheim. After hearing about this she saw a wet poster on the ground and started to make a plan on getting to Nyheim to see if this place was real. Katy set off on her motorcycle, stopping along the way to get gas, food and water. She ended up at a docking station where she saw a small boat heading to Nyheim and a guy shouting saying it was the last one, she got of her motorbike and left it at the docking station and got on to the boat and headed to Nyhiem.
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