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  1. Nathan Carrillo previously known as Largo around his hood, was a active gang banger before the zombie outbreak kicked in. He was a cadet when he ended up getting kicked from the military for missconduct and ended up having to spend the rest of his life selling drugs and gang banging to make his way through the chain. Moving close to Norway for a organized drug purchase, he found himself in the center of the apocalypse inside a rented small apartment, he shut himself inside for the next few days and survived on just eating anything that was previously inside. When he realized he couldn't survive in there anymore, he armed himself with the Glock 18 he managed to grab off a street sale two days before the deal and ran out covering his arms with heavy clothes so he wouldn't get bitten easily. He managed to run past the first wave of zombies, only shooting twice point-blank so it wouldn't make alot of noise and ran for his life, chased by a horde. He finally managed to get himself to safety and close to the border of Nyheim.
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