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  1. Changed my picture and all that, was just curious if i just wait for staff to look it over now.
  2. Its not a lot of background.....
  3. I can't leave for today! This server is too damn sexy
  4. I heard this was a Guild Wars 2 thread! Ignore that..but is it worth DLing?
  5. What if i pay you....in gum!
  6. Ill give you 50 DMRs for them! Oh..the events over, never mind
  7. //13 huh? Watch out for those blue pedo vans..
  8. Dat intro....the shot was impressive...but...dat intro
  9. I am ghost that everyone thinks is a real person
  10. I'm sorry Rolle, it had to happen.
  11. It's sad news that I bring you all...with the increase of KOS..I can't handle it...therefor I'll be offline tomorrow...Cya friday!
  12. I shit bricks at "Drop your fish, ARPARPARP"
  13. Hey, welcome to the server, hope you like it!
  14. Lets hope none of them are placed in buildings/rocks Pffft......that would never happen
  15. I had people go "it's PsiSyndicate" when they heard me, but S-GRU knew it was me and just played it off fine. That's how people should be, I had to remind people twice that it was supposed to be RP. Someone was like "Lewis blah blah", how do you know my name? I wouldnt say they played it off fine...for one, they called you the ''chosen one''.
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