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  1. Changed my picture and all that, was just curious if i just wait for staff to look it over now.
  2. Cooper Dawes was a outdoors man before the world ended. He had a small farm in Montana and he mostly lived off the land with his family. He respected nature and believed that nature would respect him in return. A few weeks before everything went to shit, Cooper's brother surprised him with a hunting trip to Chernarus. It required a lot of paperwork and money, but they made it. Emerging from nature was a different world. Within days Cooper saw his brother die and was completely cut off from the rest of the world. As he made his way along the coast of Chernarus, Cooper fought with every ounce of energy he had to try and find a way home. After realizing that, for the moment, he is trapped here he decided to help the locals in any way he could. He helped families escape the cities, helped farmers defend their property from the dead...and living. Cooper never thought that he would have to kill another living person, but after a week, it almost felt like second nature. He couldn't believe what he had done and vanished into the forests of Chernarus. How did this happen? Is the US affected? Is his family safe? Those are the questions he's trying to find out, but he tries to assist everyone along the way.
  3. Its not a lot of background.....
  4. I can't leave for today! This server is too damn sexy
  5. I heard this was a Guild Wars 2 thread! Ignore that..but is it worth DLing?
  6. What if i pay you....in gum!
  7. Ill give you 50 DMRs for them! Oh..the events over, never mind
  8. //13 huh? Watch out for those blue pedo vans..
  9. Dat intro....the shot was impressive...but...dat intro
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