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  1. Born on the island of Montreal, Canada as a french canadian, I went as soon as I reach 18 years old in the millitary as a J-Tac. My job was to communicate with command, ask reinforcement, call air support or med evac. I was a caporal in the Royal 22e Régiment. A division of infantry. I got married at the age of 21 with a girl that means the world to me. We where trying to get some children togheter for a wild. I serve the contry to provide a quality life to my wife and provide to my future familly. She is know pregnant for 6 mounth. The baby is a girl. When the virus first started to spread, I was force to wear my uniform and protech bridge leading through Montreal. My wife and I got seperate and since then, I have no information. Me and my friends mike tried to get back to the civilized world, the virus was shutting down everything . We tried the best we could to get back home without success. We decided to get Est and try to get to Europe and try to hitch a ride on a boat to make it back . We heard that Norway was offering help to refugee so we went there instead. Now... it seems that going home is not going to happend soon at all...
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