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  1. Born and raised by a single father , i lived on a farm most of my younger years before moving into "the big city". Was far from being the best at school or anything else really , but i enjoyed the outdoor. Not much of a hunter or fisher ,but i know my way around with a knife ! Tried college for a few years trying to become a teacher in fitness. Met a girl there that became my wife 2 years later . Droped out of college to help my dad on the farm . Sadly money wasn't good enough and with a baby on the way i had to find something else . I joined the Canadian Armed forces as a reservist at 21 , did a few years as an infantry man , never liked it . I loved the people in my unit tho! My wife gave birth to our daughter on the 24th of june , few years later our second child came . Saddly.. during childbirth , both my wife and son died due to complication . My young daughter and i moved back with my dad after that and i left the millitary . Now that she is old enough , I decided to travel the world with my friend Sam to see new things . We were planning to be gone just for a few months but.. looks like we'll be stuck here for a while...
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