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  1. Carter was born in a small town in England called Morecambe. He had many friends that he would talk to every day at school. He was top of his class in every subject and was bound for success. He graduated university with a degree in engineering and he got a job at the Heysham Power plant 20 mins down the road from him. He was a nuclear engineer. As time went on he got many promotions for his good work at the plant and then eventually he retired as the work started to get a bit to much for him and from working 7 days a weak he had pains every where. Some days he struggled to get out of bed. After he retired he decided that he wanted a change to his regular routine so he went on his laptop and found a website that would randomly generate a holiday for him to go on at low costs. He gave it a try and up came Nyheim. He put in all of his credentials and the holiday was booked. He didnt know anything about this place so it was going to be an adventure. The day came and he packed his bag with a weeks worth of supplies and set off for the airport. What he didnt know was that it would be last time he would see normal civilisation again. He got on the plane and fell asleep for the whole journey to then be woken up by the flight crew to tell him that he needs to get off. He got off and got into his rental car and set off to the log cabin that he booked in the middle of know where. The drive up to this cabin was beautiful and so calming. He got to the cabin and immediately unpacked his things to then go back out again to explore the town just down the road from him. He got into his car and drove the the town. The weird thing about this town was that there was nobody outside and it looked like there was nobody in any of the buildings. the place was abandoned, or so he thought. Carter parked his car next to a gas station and got out to try and find somebody. The moment he got out of his car he heard a strange grumbling noise behind him. He turned and what he saw would scar him for life. It looked like a person but it wasnt or wasnt anymore. Its flesh was decayed and rotted down to the bone. As soon as Carter saw this he got straight back into his car and started the engine. The thing that was behind him saw the commotion and started to slower drag itself to the car. It got the the window and the sight of Carter flipped a switch in its brain to make it go crazy and start attacking the car. Carter accelerated as fast as he could away from the thing back to his cabin. He got into his cabin locked the door and went straight into the basement and locked the door behind him. He has seen movies about this stuff but he didnt believe it until that moment. He new what he had to do so he went to the kitchen and took all the canned food and filled bottles and pans with water and took them to the basement. He was going to shelter himself in the basement to secure his survival because he knew he would last if he was just roaming around with not enough food and water. He stayed in the basement for around 2 months but to him it felt like forever. His food supply was getting low and so was his water supply. He knew that soon he would need to venture out and find some more supplies. 2 weeks went by and he had finally ran out of everything so he had to get out into the world and get more. Now his main mission is to find supplies and get back to his cabin or find another civilisation that has what he needs and join them.
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