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  1. standing on top of another player i would say.. i dont even know how many there was to me it looks like that 2 players was standing on top of each other 2. No why would i saying it here would just give players even more reason to come back
  2. 1. Both 2. I would love to talk about that private with you at the moment im not trusting this open chat
  3. Just wanna say i tested the climb from the outside and i cant get up even Naked i cant so Boosting and from the inside they used a fire barrel to walk up on top of the wall to drop the loot out side english is not my first language it is easier for me to explain in voice my last online was saturday night sometime But my partner was online today around 0800 AM CET 0800 AM CET everything was fine
  4. No but the walls are so high that you have to boost in and the amount of stuff that was taken is way more when what even a clan would need nvm mind i found something
  5. i dont even know what to say here I got raided while offline and looks like they boosted /glitched into my loot room and boosted out using objects from the outside area Server and location: Dayzrp.com Nyheim Whitelisted Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Dont know i was offline Your in game name: Chris Warming Jensen (Co-owner Elias Monrad) Names of allies involved: Elias Monrad Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 Friendly Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Was Offline Detailed description of the events: Cant give one dont know what happened only the aftermath
  6. Chris "Boss" Warming Jensen had a childhood like many others with a stay at home mom and a hard working father. School was rough on Chris Jensen and he never took to mind must of the stuff from school all he wanted was to be in the workshop with his father. In 2001 the world was griped by terror and CJ's father enlisted to the military to help out where ever he could. Chris Jensen was 9 yo. when he watched his father leave home for the first time little did he know that the father that lefted would never return the same. FAST FORWARD. 2018 CJ graduated from the Military Academy and was looking forward to working yet again with his father. SJ my dad opened a Private Contacter Company Known as the Cluster Group we have been around the world fighting in wars, Standing guard For embassy's around the world, Bodyguard for VIP's.. in 2019 the first case of AVM-FLA-19 was Discovered it didnt take long for it to reach home nothing much changed for me in the beginning keep working. in 2020 the whole of Cluster Group was called home to base for a briefing. we were told that the Private Security Company was closing its doors, with everything going on in the world it was hard to find a new job, so i bought a small house by the coast packed all my things from the Base and move out there living of the land and Hunting gives alot of room for your mind to breath. using a Military radio i stayed in contacted with my family and my old team. one day i got a messege that some Countries were doing a Aerosolized Vaccination they called it "The Mist". Didnt think much of it, its just goverments trying to mass vaccinate the public to stop the spread of the virus. Note. Everything is fine i will be back a old Friend has reached out to me asking for some help in Norway i know its far to travel but i have to try. His of the grid but is in a hard spot I'm gonna find him and bring him home. I went by the base and took some suplies for the road see you soon Dad Chris "Boss" Warming Jensen Signing off Stay Safe if someone finds this note please deliever this messege to my Dad he is staying at ----------- tell him that Warming sent you
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