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  1. As a young recruit Volkov was drafted into the Russian military and had to leave his wife who was pregnant with twins. After the base training Volkov was assigned to the combat medics where he learned his skills. Not long after he was deployed into his first warzone and sadly not his last. Many battles have come and gone. Volkov has seen much pain and suffering, he barely saw his daughters and wife as they grew up. Than it happened......The Outbreak....Volkov came back home to find just destruction and ruins. With his wife dead and his daughters missing Volkov moved away in search for a safe place and in hope to find his daughters.A Veteran Combat medic with nothing to lose Volkov found a safe place with the name of Nyheim. His skills in field medicine and Vehicle repairs help him to get by one day at the time in his never ending search for his missing daughters in this now Zombie infested wasteland .
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