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  1. Katelyn grew up in Glasgow with her Mum and Dad. It was just the three of them for a while until Kate was 13 years old and her parents blessed her with a baby sister. Katelyn had a hard time in school but worked hard and eventually managed to secure herself with a university placement, making her whole family proud of her. She moved out to the student dorms all by herself, against her parents wishes, but the brand new freedom made her thrive. Her days were filled with Studying, Friends and the occasional Party at the weekends. Her grades were good and all her professors only had nice things to say about her. This was until one day when her entire world flipped upside down with the news of the virus. She immediately tried to get in contact with her parents and sister but calls failed and texts didn't go through. While the rest of the students were in a frenzy trying to get back home and find out what was happening, Katelyn overheard a few of them talking about how they couldn't get in contact with their families either. She eventually got the guts to go up and talk to them, making a plan to stick together until they could find their friends and family. As the virus situation got worse, the small group of students made their way to the refuge camp that they'd heard about in whispers among other survivors but in the end Katelyn would be the only one to survive. She didn't know how, with her lack of survival skills and her uneasiness and nervousness with the virus, she was unsure how she was the lone survivor of her group but she knew she'd do everything in her power to keep going.
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