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  1. After gaining skills that he is now using to survive from joining the British Army at age 18 he is not trying to fight this new difficult and harsh reality to find a new safe and secure place to call home. Kris is independent, adventurous and ready to face whatever lurks his way, however sometimes is this just a front he puts on? Sometimes even those closest to him are not sure. Kris was born and raised in Scotland (United Kingdom) where he excelled at many things growing up, however the one thing he failed to excel at was being himself and instead he continued to go out of his way to become the person he is today... He grew up with his family in Edinburgh before joining the Military aged 18 and continuing his personal development as well as personal decline. Shortly before the virus hit Kris was diagnosed with depression, despite this he was never given the support or medicated to deal with it due to the virus and as such struggles to face the days as they come at him.
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