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  1. Cass woke up one day and the world was a mess. Somehow he managed to fight his way to Nyheim. It was a struggle though. His young family were zombies when he left. He still wakes at night in a cold sweat due to the nightmares of the day. The day he woke up and his family were going crazy. Blood dripping out their mouth, their skin was changing, leathery. Cass couldnt kill them. He grabbed a little food and ran. When he ran out side he couldn't believe it. Over turned cars, fires in bins - the stench. The stench of death. He met some locals who said we should get out of the city. 1 by 1 his compadres fell. Cass still couldn't believe his family was gone. The first zombie Cass killed was his best friend Stephan. Cass and Stephan grew up together. Cass had to smash his head in with a spade. Cass is lost in his head. He can't compute the fact that he has lost so much. Cass has made the Nyheim borders and is just waiting on getting in. Cass has had a hard few months - but if he gets accepted. He knows its only gonna get harder
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