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  1. I always try to get an SKS. Not a military rifle or full auto. Just good stopping power and accuracy.
  2. It been a while for John Griffin. He is on a trip. (But i did work training this week and have weekend army stuff. So ill be back on next week)
  3. Griff

    Here's an idea. Barter...

    You don't understand. Putting a fixed value on things is just plain crazy. Where did you get the information that told you that food is the most valuable thing. Where im at I don't worry about food or water. I worry about ammo. So why isn't ammo the top value item? i would make the list; 1. Ammo 2. Guns 3.Clothing 4. water 5. food Just like you this list is arbitrarily made. I think my list is better for the value system. So tell me why yours is better. What im getting at is that the "List" is different for everybody. Someone who hangs around the vybor triangle will maybe put food and water as their number 1 because they are in an area that has an abundance of guns, ammo, and clothes. For these reasons a fixed value system would never work. It was a good idea for epoch/overpoch but the way this server is run and SA being SA, trading is the best and most RP friendly economic system.
  4. Griff

    [SA] Show us your character!

    That must have taken some time
  5. Would it be a good idea if we all had each others steam ID? That way when we want to play we will know that there is someone to RP with. There doesn't appear to be a set time of day that we all get on. It may be meta gaming but I think it makes more sense that a few people "wake up" around the same time of day. It has already gotten to the point where I don't want to play alone anymore already. It's kinda weird now. I do it. I go look at the server page and see who is logged in. What do you all think about it?
  6. Yeah you don't really mean real cash like paypal right?
  7. It's not easy to roleplay a soldier. Anyone who has any armed forces experience be it police or military will be able to pick out someone who is RPing a soldier very badly. It's mind blowing how everyone thinks that a soldier is just a BA killer who has no feelings or is just the best at sniping etc. No soldiers are regular people. Even the SF guys are regular. You could be in a restaurant and not even notice a person in the service. What is easy to RP (very very badly) is what Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo main characters are. Why? Because they can do anything and be self proclaimed expert at anything.
  8. If that is in the game that would explain this picture. One compass is pointing to the true north while the other is catching the magnetic field of the true one and is reacting to it. Thats why the south hand is sorta pointing tword the north hand on the true compass.
  9. Griff

    Global heatmap of player deaths since 0.52

  10. There's some time I'm never getting back
  11. So far mine have worked perfectly
  12. My guy is almost a spitting image of me except a few details. He is a soldier but not a super soldier. Just an average civilian that signed up and learned what one would at basic training (And forgot some because you don't remember everything you are taught.)
  13. how regular will the updates be?
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