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  1. Wilhelm was born in a lower-class family in Halle, Germany. His Father and Mother, Deiter Wiessman and Marie Pfieffer worked in and out of jobs whilst still taking care of their son Wilhelm. unfortunately for his mother, she became ill due to a brain tumor development. His father had to work a lot more to pay for medical aid on his wife leaving Wilhelm to grow up vastly on his own with his mom in and out of the hospital frequently and his father working 18 hours of the day. After his mother passed at the age of 17 he decided to join the MIlitary due to him not being able to financially support himself and his father becoming an empty shell of his former self, drinking himself to death leaving no money for his son or his home. Wilhelm after joining the airforce became a helicopter pilot becoming a troop transport and special delivery. he led on to being a great Pilot and even begin his medical training in case of an emergency he would be able to help, and luckily he did, due to a man who had gotten his leg severally chemical burned had to have his leg amputated and thankfully Wilhelm was there to assist him. after serving many years in the airforce he eventually got an Honorable Discharge and went to back to Halle and began working as a mechanic. He never really thought much more was needed in life till he met Rosali Siegfried. The second he saw her he knew that she was the woman for him never was he was ever taken aback by a girl as sweet and charming as she. when she first met Wilhelm he was just a mechanic working on her convertible; however, over time he became the one thing that girl would come to see every other day. Eventually, Wilhelm asked Rosali out to which she agreed and that began a loving story between two people brought together from opposite sides of the social ladder. The time they spent together was magical like nothing they had ever experienced, and soon after dating for a year and a half, Wilhelm asked Rosali to marry him. They got courted together in Jena, Germany, and moved into a quaint house on the edge of town. He continued working as a mechanic in the city whilst still building up his family and over the next couple of years he had two kids one named Jager after Rosali's father who died saving her from an illness, and the second was named Milo. He was a happy man but that was going to be his downfall. after the chaos of the world begin he and his family were driving out of state and got hit by an 18 wheeler smashing the back end of their car causing them to roll off the highway. He was the only one to walk away alive with 2 broken ribs and a fractured arm, with that being said he still crawled up the ditch and beat the ever-loving shit out of the driver and killed him right there where he stood. WIlhelm buried his family and walked several miles and repaired helicopters, cars, and even people's fractured limbs from falling off of hills. he never really cared about anyone else after that all he wanted to do was drink himself to death while helping everyone else around him not meet the same fate he was striving for.
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