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  1. I was all alone from a very young age I cooked, survived, got supplies all alone. My mom she died giving birth to me. my dad left when i was 7 I was an only child. I was born in Palestine Beit Hanina. My cousins took care of me until i was 18 that's when i decided im going to America to have a better life. My aunt came from America to get me. We lived in new york city in a condo with her husband and dog. My aunt was a nurse so i picked up some medical skills from her, this will help me in the long run, but ill get to that later. Life was going great i finally had family a dog keep me company and a warm roof over my head. But that was short lived... like a dream it went by in a flash. On July third 2020, AVM-FLA-19 had evolved into something we have never seen before. This virus changed people, it turned them into savages. My friends, my family all succumbed to the virus. I knew i had to leave. I gathered supplies and left the city. I ran to the shore where I found a boat, my hopes where to find a place where I could seek refuge. This is how i found Nyheim. Right upon entering the shore I saw another boat where I docked, I was so glorified. I sprinted in the direction of the boat, where I met Lucas. We decided to work together to find help.
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