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  1. Unnamed 5 Lyfe

  2. 82.4

    :: static an be heard over the radio before it cleared and a woman's voice could be heard.:: " I has a voice yes, who is your voice?" :: the line ended with a soft chuckle::
  3. I'm back but thanks to bad internet and crap ping Im not able to get IG :( looks like it is lore and stories time for me. 

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    2. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky

      im sorry to hear that your sick :( feel better! 

    3. RedSky


      I will, its just a nasty cold thats been lasting me longer then I want it too.

    4. Nocheluz


      Bummer gurl! Hope you get to get back in game soon. We're all due for a reunion!

    • Cid
    • Aurora Sky

    Oh hey. :D

  4. 82.4

    :: Static could be heard followed by a loud unmistakable banging sound of someone slamming the handheld against a rock.:: " Stupid thing work! ...... or I ......" :: Another loud bang would be heard amidst the static followed by a high pitched screeching sound:: " HELLO! is looking for Mr. FrankEnderFrank." :: more static and rustling as if she was moving something would interrupt her words:: " YES! if you knowing him I am needing talking to him... I'm on this thing, number says 824....." :: The last thing you would hear a soft cussing in Russian followed by a giggle::
  5. Join the server Boys

    http://www.dayzrp.com/lif yes it is done and it looks like the server is up make sure you do your whitelist and server is now on the list.
  6. Join the server Boys

    Hey guys we are getting a new server box that should fix any connecting issues anyone is having.
  7. LiF Lore Discussion/Questions

    thanks for the feed back guys!!! well be marking it down and as I said in the thread we will be making changes.
  8. LiF Lore Discussion/Questions

    Thank you and yes I can talk with the rest of the team about the names we were worried about it already that is why the key at the bottom. As for the other lands we left it open so that each player could create there own story however if there is enough of a want for more I could go deeper.
  9. LiF Sneak Peak!

    really hope everyone likes it and has a blast!!!!
  10. LiF Council Thread

    Right now we are trying to keep the council members small but may expand later. If you wish to help message one of the members we are more than glad for any help we can get.
  11. Memes Nah seriously tho, was fun. Was awesome to see the original inhabitants of the Resort back around (unnamed people), it's been a while. Thank you both! had fun tonight like walking down memory lane. I hope we made you all laugh and have a good night!