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  1. u peepin?

    1. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky

      Always peeping


    2. Cid


      nay peepin

    3. Para


      👀 where u been

    4. Cid


      u peepin?

    5. Para



  2. Had an amazing encounter with one of my loves @Stagsview . No matter the context of RP this man has always had the ability to make me smile and laugh while also making me literally shake with fear of the unknown.... Will I end up as a hostage or make it out of this? No matter the outcome the RP is always Amazing!!!
  3. It was good to meet you and Loved the RP!!! looking forward to many more!!!
  4. I dont want to miss anyone and I am not sure who all was there but Had an amazing day at the clinic today thank you all members of The House and New Moon. Huge thank you to Braxton and Kaya. I know I have missed people and I'm sorry if I did. It was nice to be able to RP in a clinic and conduct Med RP Love you all!!! Also huge tip of the hat to my own guys and girls Unnamed5life!!!
  5. I was not being Cocky... I was serious...As far as I knew you were a good Roleplayer and even served as a GameMaster... If you took it a Cocky im sorry I was trying to encourage you to get creative with RP. Also I have no issues with Guns... and enjoy PvP.... so yea If you want to keep talking about this feel free to PM me so we are not taking this thread off topic any more.
  6. Use a flashlight.... they work and we used them.... makes PvP harder .... so get creative I know you can as you passed the whitelist...
  7. The bad TV feel is to keep people from Gamma goggling and finding a way around the night time... DayZ Devs did that. That can not be removed as far as I understand ? and like many have said... please for the love of RP keep the night.... you are playing a survival game.. On a WHITLISTED RP SERVER..... (that implys that you know Role Play is going to happen and said RP is survive in nature) GO outside at midnight... unless you live way up north ( like arctic circle north ) It is DARK AS FUCK at midnight... SO..... DO WHAT YOU WHITLISTED TO DO!!!!!! RRRRRRRP!
  8. OMG yes!!! lol just let us get our legs under us it has been a while. Yea move and other RL issues kept me away but once I was able to come back I got on the horn as it was and well here we are! I would love to see the OG Brotherhood back but maybe that is just me. We were just talking about when K-pop shot a hole in the roof of the resort and I yelled at him ICly.... I dont think anyone else has lived to tell the tale about yelling at him, Oh and our sit down with the Brotherhood in Polana... I miss it. It is good to be back Thank you all so much for the support and I look forward to seeing you all in game soon!!! lots of love!!!
  9. Is it chicken burger or chicken sandwich ?

    1. Ender



    2. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky


    3. Lucky1911


      then why do we have chicken sandwiches?


    4. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky

      A sandwich is on bread not a bun.... If it has a bun it is a Chicken Burger...... 

  10. Do the thing!!!!


    1. Cid



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