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  1. Pov: I had woken up from a nap to my guy's Fredrik, Justin Jones, and John Miller telling me some guy was starting an argument about the town and when I was leaving my groups base and I was talking with my guys before the radio cut off and gunshots rang out while, I was trying to meet my guys which I found all 3 dead laying in the road, so I opened fired at the men that just shot/looting my guys from tree line killing 1 and hitting a second. I then watched over the guy I had recently killed to see if they would try to recover their guy's body which one tried so I shot at him before they shot at my direction. After the second guy I shot they ran off before I called for help and my group had responded.
  2. So, I have this question why it is I can't post a note on my gate stating anyone who tries attacking my base will be KOS only warning. But instead, I must be on and tell them leave or else but when I get attacked and raided the raider doesn't have to warn me of the raiding? why is it I have to warn the raider, but the raider doesn't have to warn me?
  3. Place of birth is US Texas where after 15yrs he moved to Germany after losing his father and mother in a drunk driving accident after being hit while w driving home from his birthday party. His older Brother and him soon moved to Germany to stay with their Aunt and Uncle on the mother’s side. Chase lived there for 7 years before moving back to Texas to be a US Marshal after leaving his family behind in Germany. Chase soon after 3 years of being a Marshal went to explore the world while on vacation he wanted to go to Ukraine but soon found his way into Chernuas after being captured by pirates on his fishing trip. They landed at a small village called Berezhki. From there they were attacked by undead which Chase ran into the woods ending up at small radio tower where he sat and lived for the next few days.
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