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  1. Noctis Levesque was a very "by the book" and "law abiding citizen" as most of his colleagues and friends would describe him back in Canada. That is at least before the virus had started spreading out of control and most people either lost contact with their loved ones, or passed on to the afterlife from sickness, or worse. The conditions made most people leave the country which is now mostly ghost towns, and what is left of the wildlife. His passion has been, and always will be assisting others in any way possible which is why he devoted his life since he was a child to becoming a police officer where he accomplished this and eventually worked his way up to being the Chief of Police. This taught him leadership skills, people skills, negotiation skills and how to defuse situations in a professional manner while staying calm with a clear conscious. These skills were perfect for when the apocalypse struck because being a leader in times of darkness, and being someone that people can respect as well as look up to is just as important as scavenging for food for survival. When Noctis had heard rumors of people trying to rebuild a civilization in Nyheim, he knew that it was his calling and he couldn't resist the temptation to be a part of the change he wanted to see, so with nothing but the clothes on his back, some slight doubt at the back of his mind, and his pride on his sleeve, he set off from Canada on his unstable raft made out of logs and held together with thin fibers into the sea towards Nyheim where a storm was forming over the horizon.. Will he win his stormy battle against mother nature and arrive in Nyheim? Only time will tell.
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